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PianoDJ is the only music agency in the UK that specialises in providing piano music for weddings.

Since forming in 2006, PianoDJ has slowly built up the best team of wedding pianists available to play for weddings in the UK and Europe.

If you love music then we would love to be a part of your day.

Piano Music for your Wedding

You can hire a wedding pianist to play piano music for any of the 4 daytime sections of your wedding.

  1. Wedding Ceremony
  2. Drinks Reception
  3. Wedding Breakfast
  4. Turnaround Period

Most couples book a pianist for their whole daytime reception because it offers great value for money and it takes care of the music for the whole day. Other couples just choose to book a pianist for one or two sections of their wedding day.

A wedding pianist for your ceremony.


Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day.

You can hire one of our wedding pianists to play the most magical piano instrumental versions of your favourite songs so that this moment becomes a memory that you treasure for the rest of your life.

Top 4 Ceremony Piano Requests

A wedding pianist for your drinks reception.


You are going to feel such a rush of excitement and happiness during your drinks reception and I promise that you won't be able to stop smiling.

Hire one of our talented wedding pianists to play upbeat, lively, fun, exciting music for your drinks reception to keep this atmosphere of celebration for your guests who have to wait for you while you have your wedding photos taken.

Top 4 Drinks Reception Piano Requests

A wedding pianist for your wedding breakfast.


Put your feet up, tuck into the greatest feast of your lifetime, sit back, soak up the atmosphere and let it all sink in.

If music is important to you then you should book a wedding pianist to play all of your favourite songs and pieces of music on the piano.

This is a way for you to add your personality and style to your meal and background piano music will break the uncomfortable silence that you often get at weddings.

Top 4 Wedding Breakfast Piano Requests

A wedding pianist for your turnaround period.


At some wedding venues, there is a turnaround period during which the venue staff collapse tables, stack chairs, sweep up mess, lay a dance floor and get the room ready for the evening dancing.

All of your guests will be asked to leave the room when this happens and it can be a really fun treat to hire a wedding pianist to play toe-tapping music for your guests during this time.

The wedding pianist will become your warm-up act, they will take requests and play music that will help get your guests in the mood for a night of dancing.

Top 4 Turnaround Period Piano Requests

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Wedding Pianist Videos

We are really proud of the incredible wedding piano instrumental covers that our pianists play for weddings around the UK and Europe.

Every month we invite two of our pianists into our piano studio and they film a series of piano videos that have been requested by couples who are thinking about booking our pianists for their wedding.

This is a great way to audition a pianist and it also gives you a really unique insight into how your favourite song will sound played as a piano instrumental cover.

Our Latest Wedding Pianist Video.

♫ To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy (Wedding Pianist Cover)

Over 50 Wedding Pianist Videos for You to Enjoy

We have a growing library with more than 50 videos of our wedding pianists playing a whole range of music from DnB to Metal to Chart Hits to Indie and you can watch our cool wedding piano instrumental covers on our wedding pianist video page.

You can also listen to our popular wedding pianist recordings page with over 300 piano instrumental recordings.

Venues that recommend PianoDJ

There are lots of venues we have worked at over the last 10 years that can't get enough of us! Here are a few of them.

Ashridge House
Brocket Hall Golf Club
Brocket Hall
Channels Golf Club
Colville Hall
Fanhams Hall
Gosfield Hall
Hanbury Manor
High Elms Manor
High House
Hinchingbrooke House
Hylands House
Layer Marney Tower
Little Channels
Maidens Barn
Newland Hall
Reid Rooms
South Farm
That Amazing Place
The Lawn
Vaulty Manor
Ware Priory

Wedding Pianist FAQ

Why have a wedding pianist for your civil ceremony?

Your wedding ceremony is the single most important part of your wedding day. It is during the wedding ceremony that you will become a married couple and it is at this moment that your life together truly begins.

In a mixed-sex couple it is traditional for the bride and groom to spend the night before the wedding and the morning of their wedding apart from each other – to be joined together again when the bride walks down the aisle at the start of the wedding ceremony.

Setting the Mood for Your Guests

All of your wedding guests will be really keen to arrive in plenty of time for your wedding ceremony. This is a really exciting moment for them as well and you can be sure that they will arrive at your wedding venue ahead of time. It is quite normal for guests to start arriving up to 30 minutes (and sometimes even an hour) before the start of the wedding ceremony. During this time, it is traditional for the bride to be adding the final touches to her hair and make up or driving to the venue and the groom is likely to be making the final arrangements at the venue. These can include sorting pinning on button holes, trying to remember how to tie a cravat, running over final plans with the venue staff and speaking to the registrars.

This means that your guests will largely be left unattended to make themselves at home somewhere at the venue. Most venues do not serve any alcoholic drinks before the start of the ceremony (due to licensing rules) and you will want to avoid leaving your friends and family with nothing to do. You can hire a wedding pianist to play romantic background music as your guests arrive. Music is used by the best directors in films and movies to create an atmosphere and set the mood for the story that is about to unfold and at your wedding you can do the same. In fact, you can do this even better, as live music is countless times more emotional and romantic than a CD/mp3 soundtrack.

You want to set the mood for your guests so that when they arrive at your wedding venue after a long drive, they feel relaxed and well looked after. Live piano music will help them forget about the queues on the motorway, it will make them smile and it will focus their attention on your wedding so that they can really start to get excited about your wedding ceremony.

Impatience, Nerves and Excitement

I meet a lot of grooms at wedding fairs, showcases, exhibitions and weddings around the country and in the 10-15mins before the start of their wedding ceremony you see all sorts of different emotions start to kick in. I can remember from my own wedding day that I was extremely impatient for the wedding ceremony to get started. I kept looking at my watch and checking the time. It felt as if time was standing still!!

The other two key emotions that you see are nerves and excitement. I have met grooms who are so nervous about standing in front of their friends and family for their wedding ceremony, or grooms who get suddenly really nervous about the enormity of the event. They will stand rooted to the spot, pale as anything – it reminds me of the first day at secondary school feeling!! On the other end of the spectrum, you see extreme levels of excitement, pacing around, gibbering chatter and sometimes even tears of joy and last minute sobs / hugs with the best man.

The top and bottom of it is that the 10-15mins before the wedding ceremony are probably going to be one of the most intense experiences of your life so far.

This is where a wedding pianist will really help you out. It can be so calming to have your favourite pieces of music played on the piano as you wait for the wedding ceremony to begin. You can hand pick all of the songs that you find relaxing and send these over to the pianist to learn so that on the day of your wedding you stand the best chance of making it to the start of your wedding ceremony in one piece. I know that it really helped me on my wedding day.

The Most Magical of Entrances

The entrance of the bride is a moment that most women have been dreaming of for years and years and years. It is one true fairytale moment of a lifetime and it is the most magical moment of the whole wedding day. This is the moment where your fiancé, all of your friends and family will see you for the very first time in your wedding dress. WOW – what a moment.

After years of planning, this is what you have been waiting for. A mind blowing wonderful dress, new shoes, beautiful flowers, stunning hair, perfect make up and hours of preparation. This moment has to be perfect.

If your wedding was a piece of cinema, then the director would save the best piece of music for this moment. This is your chance to make an unforgettable impression on your fiancé, to create a memory that you both will cherish for the rest of your lives and you deserve to have your favourite piece of music in the world played on the piano by an incredible wedding pianist. Piano music can set an atmosphere in a handful of carefully played notes and it will heighten the experience of your wedding entrance (and probably make a few people cry with happiness).

Other Key Moments for Music in the Wedding Ceremony

After your wedding entrance, the formalities of your wedding ceremony begin – the marriage service, the ring ceremony, the readings, your promises and your wedding vows. At the end of these formalities you will officially be married!

The celebrations don’t begin straight away, however, as you have to fill out all of the legal paperwork and sign the marriage register. This admin process usually takes 5-10 minutes (depending on how long it takes your photographer to stage all of the photos) and during this time, your guests are left seated with nothing to do. They have to sit and wait until you have finished signing the register.

If you choose not to have any live music during this time then it can really kill the atmosphere as your guests sit in silence with a few occasional whispers. One of the great things about a wedding pianist is that the volume of the piano music can be controlled by the musician so that it is at a perfect level to accompany this part of the ceremony. Your guests will feel less awkward chatting over the top of gentle background music and it gives them something to enjoy during the admin period of your wedding ceremony. You can pick two of your favourite songs and the pianist will learn a wedding piano remix version especially for your wedding day.

As soon as the legal paperwork is complete, your wedding ceremony will draw to a close. The final moment of your wedding ceremony is when you walk back down the aisle – this time together as a married couple. You are now married, all the nerves will be gone and they will be replaced with the best feeling of happiness…ever!!

This is where the celebrations start and you should pick a really upbeat song that is going to lift your spirits even further. Let the party begin!!!

Why have a wedding pianist for your drinks reception?

The drinks reception is the start of your wedding day celebrations and during this time you will be kept busy by your photographer taking your wedding photos, you will have short conversations with all of your guests who will be dying to wish you congratulations and with any luck you will get to enjoy some lovely champagne and canapés.

Church weddings

If you are getting married at a church then it is likely that you will have a short photo shoot in the churchyard before you head over to your reception venue. If the weather is behaving itself then it can be really nice to use the backdrop of a beautiful church for your group photos. When these photos are coming to an end, your wedding guests will start to make their way over to your wedding reception venue. It is traditional for your wedding guests to arrive at your wedding venue before you so that they can give you a really special welcome when you arrive. Top tip: ask your driver (whether family member or professional chauffeur) to have a drink ready for you for the drive so that you can both have a romantic toast on the way over!

Your wedding guests will arrive at your reception venue in dribs and drabs, gradually congregating in the area that you have chosen for your drinks reception. One of the common mistakes that couples make for this part of the day is that they forget that their guests will be standing around waiting and doing literally nothing for about 20 mins. The venue will often not serve food and drinks until you arrive and this means that your guests are left unattended and with nothing to do. You don’t want your guests to have a bad first impression of your wedding venue and be quiet and subdued – you want them to arrive, be wowed and for a buzz of excitement to be created ready for your grand arrival.

Imagine if your guests arrive at your venue and they find a wedding pianist playing really cool, upbeat arrangements of catchy songs or if they arrive and find a pianist playing stylish and sophisticated cocktail jazz or if they arrive and find a piano player performing romantic classical piano music. You can craft the perfect impression of your wedding venue and set the exact style and mood that you want to create for your guests with a pianist. For example, for a festival themed wedding the pianist could be playing wedding piano remixed of indie and alternative festival anthems or for a wedding in a grand country house the pianist could be playing Gatsby themed swing songs.

Civil ceremonies

If you are having a civil ceremony then it is likely that you will have chosen a wedding venue that allows you to have your wedding ceremony and wedding reception at the same location. Many hotels, country houses, wedding barns and restaurants now have an area of the venue in which you can get married. This means that at the end of your ceremony, you and your guests will already be at your reception venue and the drinks reception will start as soon as the ceremony is finished. In light of this, you want to make sure that your wedding pianist has two professional keyboards so that they can have one set up for your ceremony and another set up for your drinks reception. This means that the pianist can move from the ceremony area to the drinks reception area without any delay and can start entertaining your guests without an awkward 15 minute gap while the keyboard is moved.

Spring and Summer drinks reception

In the spring and the summer, it is likely that you are planning to have your drinks reception outside. The UK has a reputation for throwing the best summer garden parties and this is recognised across the world as a stylish, fun and quintessentially British activity with picnic style food, refreshing drinks, games and live music. There is nothing better than standing in a beautiful garden and sharing a couple of hours in the sun with family and friends. It is really lovely touch to add live music to your outside drinks reception and there is nothing better than the sound of piano music drifting across the lawns and gardens and (weather permitting) pianists absolutely love playing outside for drinks receptions. Professional keyboards are such flexible instruments because they can be connected to discrete external speakers that spread the sound of the piano music around the garden. This means that everybody can hear the music but it is at background level so that all of your guests can chat over the top.

It is likely that you will be involved in a lot of different photos during your drinks reception. Traditionally, wedding photos taken during the drinks reception include lots of different group shots with photos of you in combination with different sets of your guests (brides family, grooms family, each set of parents, siblings, friends, work friends, relatives, stags, hens, etc).

These photos are still popular, but one of the current trends in wedding photography is now moving to a photo shoot style of photos. Your photographer will take you both away from your guests and you will visit 4-5 different locations at your venue to get some really beautiful and stylised photos of you as a married couple. Form chatting with photographers, I understand that they focus on these styles of photos because they were finding that after the wedding, most couples were picking these type of photos for their wedding album and not the groups shots. The downside of this is that it means that you will be taken away from your guests for a considerable amount of your drinks reception. This means that you will not personally be able to entertain them and do the rounds. Many couples choose to book live music and arrange activities for their drinks reception to keep their guests entertained during the wedding photos. Piano music is the favourite live music choice for couples who booking music for their drinks reception and it can be combined with other elements such as garden games, a magician, a charactaturist, archery, a treasure hunt, canapés, a video guestbook, cocktail waiters, an ice cream cart, street performers, bouncy castle, vintage funfair stalls and many other lovely ideas.

Another trend in wedding photography is reportage photography where the photographer takes natural photos of you and your guests having a good time and enjoying yourselves. If you prefer this style of photography then you need to do a bit of forward planning to make sure that you and your guests are going to have a good time. You need to think about interesting things for your guests to do (so that there is something for your photographer to take photos of) and you want to make sure that everybody has a smile on their faces! You will treasure your wedding photos for ever so it is worth putting in the effort now to capture a really happy moment. Live music can make people laugh and cry and feel happy or sad. Live music had the most amazing qualities and it has been proven to have incredible emotional effects on humans. A talented wedding pianist will react to guests in the same way as a professional DJ does on the dance floor. The pianist will see what people are enjoying and they will focus on playing music that will make people smile. For a drinks reception, it is really easy for your guests to interact with your pianist and make requests. You will often find guests having a little dance to the piano music. You will see feet tapping, conversations starting and the atmosphere will be fantastic.

Autumn, Winter and bad weather drinks reception

For weddings in the early autumn, British weather is too unpredictable to know whether you will be outside in the sun or inside in the rain for your drinks reception. If you hire a wedding pianist to play for your drinks reception then you already have a contingency plan for bad weather. After a couple of pieces of upbeat piano music, your guests will soon forget about the bad weather and the mood will be lifted. There is nothing worse than rushing inside when the rain starts and standing in a silent room in a soggy jacket or wedding dress. A wedding pianist will work really hard to transform the mood. They will have lots of tricks up their sleeves and you will find that the chatter and conversation starts up again really quickly and that it moves away from moaning about the bad weather to more exciting and fun topics – such as your wedding!

In a way, for autumn and winter weddings, you almost need to do a bit more work to make up for the fact that there are not huge gardens to enjoy and interesting spaces for children to explore. You are more limited to the types of entertainment that you can choose and you need something that compliments the indoor space and makes your drinks reception even better. There is something really nice about being in a warm room in the winter. It is cosy, intimate and a great environment to catch up with family members. The focus of an indoor reception is more on conversations and enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company. Live music provides a really good ice breaker for guests who do not know each other that well and a wedding pianist can play such a variety of music that appeals to a whole range of people that there is going to be something for everybody to enjoy. Music is known for triggering memories and when this happens, it often starts a conversation. For smaller spaces, a wedding pianist can control the volume of the keyboard / piano to create the perfect balance so that everybody can hear the piano music yet it does not become too loud or intrusive in any way. For festive weddings, an indoor drinks reception can be the perfect place for Christmas music on the piano. Nothing beats festive favourites being played live on a piano next to a roaring fire.

Why have a wedding pianist for your wedding breakfast?

After your wedding ceremony and drinks reception – a good two hours of standing up and a whirlwind of activity – you will finally get to sit down and take everything in when you take your seats for the wedding breakfast. The wedding breakfast is the main banquet meal of your wedding reception. It is called a wedding breakfast because it is your first meal together as a married couple. I can remember from my own wedding, when I sat down next to my wife and everything started to sink in. I can remember looking around at my guests and thinking how happy I felt and how lucky I was to be surrounded by such amazing people.

This is the time that you can really sit back and enjoy yourself. You are going to be served a menu of your favourite food that you have both handpicked especially for your wedding day and inbetween courses there is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying some of your favourite songs in the world being played on a piano. Piano music is the epitome of style and romance and all of the best hotels and restaurants have a live pianist playing in their premier bars and restaurants. Your wedding day deserves the best and it is little extra touches like a wedding pianist that help to transform a meal with friends into an occasion worthy of your wedding day. Top tip: I went to a friends wedding and they had booked a string quartet to play for their wedding breakfast. The string quartet played for half an hour and then took a 15 minute break. Their break coincided with the gap in-between courses of the dinner and we were all sat in silence waiting for the next course to be served and for the string quartet to return. A wedding pianist can play for 2-3 hours without a break, although you should expect a short 5 minute break if a call of nature is required!

As a special treat for your friends and family you can arrange for the wedding pianist to play a selection of their favourite songs. In the run up to your wedding, you could do a little bit of detective work and find out what song your parents / best friends / favourite family members had for their wedding as they walked down the aisle or for their first dance. You can then ask the pianist to prepare these songs and play them during the wedding breakfast. As the meal progresses, you will hear murmurs of excitement from around the room as your guests recognise their favourite song being played. This is a really subtle trick that works really well to heighten the experience of the music and the meal for your guests.

If you are a music lover, then perhaps you have a music theme for your wedding. It is quite common for music lovers to name the tables on their table plan as different songs/bands/musicians. Another common theme for table names is films / movies / Disney. If you are going for a musical theme then it follows quite naturally to have a wedding pianist to play for your wedding breakfast. To cement the theme, you could ask your pianist to learn one piece of music that reflects each table name.

It is quite a fun idea to include done some of ice breaker on your table. You will have a group of 10 people sitting together for 2-3 hours and even good friends might need something to liven up the conversation after a while. You can buy packs of ice breaker cards which have interesting questions that guests can ask each other or fun games that you can play. These can be a really nice touch. A recent trend is to have a quiz running throughout the meal with a (alcoholic) prize for the winning table. Our wedding pianists regularly get asked to provide some specific music for the music round of the quiz…and it can be quite fun for one of your ushers to have the job of organising this so that you can both take part in the quiz as well.

Towards the end of the meal it will start to dawn on certain people that they are about to stand up and give a speech in front of all of your guests. This can be a nervous moment at the best of times – especially for the best man who has the tough job of playing a comedian for the day. Ask your wedding pianist to play some more relaxing and calming music towards the end of the meal just to help settle the last minute jitters of the speech makers. On one occasion we were asked to prepare a special piano accompaniment for the groom who sang his whole speech. That was a really amazing experience and it was such a beautiful and emotional moment.

Why have a wedding pianist for your turnaround period?

Not all weddings have a turnaround period, so this might not apply to you. At some venues, the evening reception and the dancing happens in the same location as the wedding breakfast. For example, Gaynes park and Down hall. At the end of the meal you will all be asked to leave the main reception room and move to an ante room for 45mins to an hour. During this time, the venue will clear away some of the tables, tidy the room, unveil the dance floor and the DJ will arrive to set up ready for the evening party.

Depending on your wedding venue, this can be a really successful part of the evening or it can be a bit of a disaster. Essentially, you want to avoid the feeling that you are being turfed out of the room into a holding area. It is your wedding day and every single part of the day should be really special and have an important role.

I personally think that a well mastered turnaround period can actually set up the evening party for an incredible night.

Try and imagine the experience of eating a three or four course banquet and then sitting through 30-60 minutes of speeches. You are absolutely going to want to stretch your legs and stand up. You will have been sitting down and relaxed into a comfortable and perhaps sleepy state of mind. The best thing that you can do is get all of your guests onto their feet and arrange for something to get them out of this lull. You should make sure that the room that you go to for the turnaround has an assortment of drinks (including teas and coffees), that there is minimal seating so they your guests don’t get into a sitting down state of mind and that there is something exciting going on to put energy back into your guests. A wedding pianist is a great option for the turnaround period. You should ask your pianist to play an upbeat set of music – almost a warm up set – to get everybody in the mood for the DJ when you go back into the other room for your evening party. This is where you want the pianist to be showing off and showboating with exciting music that will really put an oomph into the atmosphere. This is the hardest spot for a musician as they really have to pull out all of the stops to inject a huge amount of energy into their playing. Only a really talented wedding pianist will be able to achieve the desired effect here.

The other thing to consider is that you might have evening guests arriving during the turnaround period and these guests will certainly have some catching up to do in terms of merriness and being in the mood for dancing and a great party. The turnaround period will also be their first impression of the venue and of your wedding day and you will really want to make them feel welcome and part of the group during this time so that everybody gels together ready for a great time later in the evening. You can combine a wedding pianist with some other really fun activities such as a video guestbook, table tennis, table football, wine tasting, fire breathers, casino tables, giant Jenga, beer pong (or other drinking games) etc. The trick is to get everybody having fun and in a really good mood. Start to break down inhibitions so that everybody gets into the partying spirit. Top tip: just before returning to the main room for the evening party make sure that everybody has a drink in their hands. This means that after the first dance there won’t be a rush of guests to the bar leaving an empty dance floor and instead, people will crack on with the dancing straight away.

What is the difference between a wedding pianist and a pianist?

A wedding pianist is a pianist who specialises in playing wedding piano music.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a modern pianist, a jazz pianist or a classical pianist to play at your wedding.

A wedding pianist will play music with a romantic theme and they will play a range of music that appeals to guests of a variety of ages from your preferred genre (classical / jazz / modern).

You wouldn’t want your guests to be bored by long and tedious classical piano music, confused by complicated jazz solos or uninterested with modern piano songs that only the teenagers would know.

A wedding pianist has experience in playing music that your guests will recognise and they have spent a lot of time putting together a set of music that will make the day feel even more romantic and special.

Most wedding pianists will be more than happy to learn requests for your wedding because they understand the importance of adding a personal touch to the music.

As a pianist you can specialise in various areas: concerts and recitals, live bands, shows and musicals, recording music in studios, teaching, accompanying other musicians, ballet and dance, playing in bars and pubs, etc. All of our pianists specialise in weddings.

Will a digital keyboard sound like a real piano?

Digital pianos are designed to replicate the sound of a real piano. Keyboards are designed to play a range of different sounds, effects and rhythms. All of our digital pianos have the full range of 88 keys (the same amount of notes as a real piano) and many of them have wooden keys with a weighted action so that the feel of pressing a note on the digital piano is the same as on a real piano.

This means that our wedding pianists can play the same pieces of music that they could play on a real piano. The sound of the digital piano depends on the quality of the instrument – just as a cheap real piano will sound horrible, a cheap digital piano will sound horrible too. Our musicians use top of the range professional instruments that sound absolutely beautiful. You can listen to over 100 recordings made using our digital pianos.

How much does a wedding pianist cost?

We have an interactive price list on our website so that you can see how much a wedding pianist will cost before you make an enquiry. We have set fees that reflect the standard running order of a wedding. You can book a wedding pianist for the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, turnaround period or any combination of these. If your wedding has a different format to this then we will quote you a price that reflects the amount of hours that the pianist will be playing for.

Our aim is to build a network of exceptional pianists across the UK and this means that there should always be a wedding pianist living within a reasonable driving distance of your wedding venue. In the event of a local wedding pianist not being available, we may look to charge travel expenses on top of the advertised price. You will be advised of this at the time you make your enquiry.

Can I have a wedding pianist if my venue doesn’t have a piano?

The short answer is yes, you can still have a wedding pianist.

All of our wedding pianists have professional digital pianos that they can bring to your wedding venue and this is included in the standard price of a wedding pianist. We have a trade account with Roland (the best digital piano manufacturer) and we encourage all of our wedding pianists to use their digital pianos. Our wedding pianists use digital pianos that sound just like a concert grand piano and every note will sound as stylish and beautiful as you would expect from an acoustic instrument.

How loud will the piano be? Is it loud enough or too loud?

The volume of piano music is just right too…the piano music will float around the gardens and the rooms in your venue so that all of your guests can hear the music and it is quiet enough that your friends and family can chat without struggling to hear each other. The piano is a really versatile instrument.

Which venues/areas do your pianists play at?

Although our office is based in Bishop Stortford, we have a brilliant team of pianists who are based all over the UK, including Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Suffolk, Kent, London and the Midlands. We work regularly at venues in all of these areas and our musicians are often booked to play further afield as well.

Will my guests be able to chat over the top of your piano playing?

I can assure you that your guests will be able to talk comfortably whilst enjoying the piano music. The piano is a beautiful instrument. When it is played sensitively, it forms a lovely backdrop to conversations in sophisticated and romantic settings.

There is a long standing history of high-end restaurants and hotels using live piano music to create a really special environment for afternoon teas and fine dining. The UKs most famous restaurants have a live pianist playing background music – Harrods, the Dorchester Hotel, the Ritz and the Savoy.

Can we buy a piano recording instead of hiring a pianist?

For us to be able to make a recording of your chosen track and have the licensing rights to give it to somebody we have to pay a licensing fee and for a pianist to goto a studio to record the track.

As a special request we can offer this service for our customers at a cost of £50 per track. If you would like to request a song to be recorded please use our contact form to make an enquiry.

Find out more about PianoDJ

If you would like to find out more about PianoDJ then we have written a page with everything you need to know about PianoDJ.

This page has information about our services, a complete price list and a break down of our costs, our terms and conditions and lot of really useful information.

You should also take the time to listen to our piano recordings page which has over 300 piano recordings of songs that other couples have requested for their wedding.

Wedding Pianist Testimonials

PianoDJ have provided wedding pianists for lots of weddings across the UK and Europe and here are some testimonials from couples who have recently enjoyed one of our pianists at their wedding.

Kayleigh Louise Gilligan

Tim and James we don’t even know where to begin to thank you both for the most amazing music. You both were absolutely brilliant and we had so many compliments. James you are a brilliant DJ our dance floor wasn’t empty once you made it impossible to not dance and there was a song that made every single person be up and on their feet during the evening. Thanks again for making our wedding lots of love Kayleigh Joe

Steven Smith

Nina was amazing and performed a good range of songs as we were very relaxed with our music choices Nina’s selection of music was exceptional. Many family members and friends commented on her performance and asked for her details for future events. We can not thank you enough for making our perfect day even more special.

Jamie-Leigh O’Shea

A huge thank you to the very talented james! And also the piano man! If you want a proper party with an unbeatable atmosphere james is your man Our dancefloor was full all night Most helpful friendly people So much pre prep before our wedding Nothing was a problem and our night was perfect All our guests were commenting on how good james was and also the pianist for our wedding breakfast I would never use another dj for any function again xx

Rebecca Johnstone

Thank you to both our pianist Tim and our Dj James. They were both fantastic at our wedding. Tim played an amazing range of music to cover both of our tastes in music throughout our ceremony and wedding reception before James took over in the evening. Everyone of our guest loved the range of music given and we cannot thank them enough for how smoothly it all ran. Our venue was especially impressed with how organised they were and how quickly they could get in contact with them. I cannot recommend them enough. Many thanks Rebecca and David (Longstowe Hall , 9th April 2016)

David Johnstone

From start to finish, the songs Tim played in addition to our requests were fantastic, he took requests from guests and added in plenty of his own. We and our guests loved every moment. James our DJ was equally brilliant. The playlist was perfectly pitched, the dance floor was filled all night, with songs for everyone, even a 15 minute blast of our favourite songs as teenagers to get our friends moshing about the dance floor. Both James and Tim took the time to come and chat to us and express their enthusiasm for our set lists, which really gave the whole experience a personal touch. We are still getting compliments on how well the day went, and this would not have been possible without PianoDJ. Thanks!!

Emma and Paul

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to our pianist & DJ for the marsh/gray wedding 31.3.16 they were both fantastic, everyone was very complementary during the drinks reception & meal, as for the evening DJ, I the bride never dance! But I danced solid for 3 hours along with 90% of our guests it was fantastic and money well spent So Thankyou x

Amy Mason and George Mason

We first found out about pianodj at a wedding fair and could not be happier with our decision to use them in our wedding. For our wedding we requested a pianist for the ceremony and wedding breakfast and then a DJ for the evening. Walking down the aisle to the tune of live piano was amazing it really did make the ceremony all the more special. Jon was a fantastic pianist he played all of the songs we asked for and even took guest requests throughout the meal. Will was our DJ for the evening and chose great music from our genre preferences they were both incredibly friendly and polite and dressed smartly for the occasion. Rhiannon was also very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process no matter how many questions I asked. Thank you PianoDJ!

Emma gray

We cannot recommend this company enough having used them to play the piano during the Day and using the Dj for the evening of our wedding 31.3.16 from the first chat on the phone to the Goodbye on the evening everything was perfect everyone so friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble also very speedy at replying to emails worth every penny we had lots of compliments for great entertainment Thankyou everyone Emma and Paul.

Esther and Kingsley

Hi Rihannon I owe a huge thank you to you and Joe for making our day even more special. Your service was second to none. Absolutely beautiful. My guest could not stop talking. Thank you again. I hope to use your service again. Many thanks! Esther

Paul Stainsby

A wonderful addition to our wedding day, beautiful modern music played throughout our wedding breakfast which really added to the atmosphere. I would whole heartedly recommend for any special occasion

Steph Maidment

We cannot thank James and his team at PianoDJ enough for the brilliant performances they gave at our wedding! They got the tone and presentation exactly right for our special day! Big thanks to Tim for his excuisite piano skills as well as James for DJing an eclectic mix for the entire evening! Also thanks to Rhiannon who we dealt with leading up to the big day in making all arrangements. I would definitely recommend PianoDJ to anyone and everyone looking for musical entertainment at their wedding or party. Relaxed yet very professional – the best combination! Thank you again, Steph and Simon

Ben and Sarah Creasey

To the team at PianoDJ, We would like to give our unreserved thanks to this company for what was, quite simply, a perfect and outstanding service from start to finish. The administration of our booking was faultless. You communicated effectively, replied to emails quickly and you have a very useful online system for registering song preferences for the pianist at various parts of the service and the following disco at the venue. You are polite and helpful throughout. Nothing seems too much trouble. The pianist (Tim) was astonishing in his ability and range. He played at both the church and the venue for us. In total he was playing for hours, without a single wrong note, repeated piece or moment of silence. We received several compliments from our guests about him. He used our songfest to ensure he played songs we would like, and we could have listened to him all night. The disco DJ was superb. He used our songlist perfectly to make sure our guests were dancing all night. At no point did the dance floor empty. The sound quality was excellent, the lighting was nice and he created a great party atmosphere. On top of this, he was a friendly chap who wanted us to be happy and did all he could to make sure this happened. He was successful! In short, this company is superb. I would recommend them without reservation, not only for the above reasons, but also because the costs are so reasonable. We booked PianoDJ before we even had a venue or a wedding date because we were so impressed with the offered services when we met you at a wedding fair. We were not disappointed and will always recommend you to anyone who asks. We thank you for all you did for us on our wedding day – you made it so much more special for us, and reduced any stress levels we might have had about entertaining our guests. Kind regards, Ben and Sarah Creasey

Jane Windmill

I cannot recommend PianoDJ enough. We had them providing both the pianist during our day and as a DJ at night. I am so glad they are recommended DJs for our venue as we may not have known about them. Nothing was too much in the run up to the day all questions were answered quickly and with patience and on the day both Tim and Will were amazing. I hope weddings I go to in the future use you guys so that I can appreciate it all as a guest and not miss anything!

Laura Spurr

We would like to say a massive thank you to Tim for making our day extra special with his beautiful playing. All of the songs were so wonderfully selected to compliment our day and we can’t thank Tim enough for providing the icing on the cake to our perfect day. Amazing.

Laura Jameson

Thank you so much to PianoDJ for making our wedding day unforgettable! Tim did an absolutely fantastic job of keeping our guests entertained throughout the ceremony and wedding breakfast on the piano, my grandparents in particular enjoyed a dance or two to the personalized requests we were allowed to make. Tom created a truly spectacular atmosphere for our evening reception; please can we do it all again next Friday?! All best wishes, the new Mr and Mrs Jameson

Christopher Ardley

We booked Piano DJ for our Wedding this year (October 2015) all i can say is YOU MUST BOOK THIS COMPANY! they were absolutely amazing, especially James Hughes! Nothing was too much and because of them we had a fantastic wedding day and reception. I would highly recommend the pianist for your ceremony, reception drinks/breakfast and DJ for the evening because it really bought the whole day together and made it flow so nicely! Will definitely be recommending to all our friends who are getting married! Thanks again Piano DJ for an amazing day!

Ruth Shelley

We had PianoDJ at our wedding on 2nd October at Hylands House and were so happy and impressed with them. The piano was flawless including the few random requests that were thrown in on the day, “Dambusters” and “Harry Potter” anyone? And in the evening, we heard nothing but compliments about the music and the DJ. Thank you so much!

Danielle and Josh Hunn

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing performance we received from Charlie on Saturday at our wedding he was truly fantastic The ceremony was outstanding thanks to his talent it was the perfect way to complete our wedding So many people commented how amazing he was I just wish I was able to replay it all again

Jo Simmonett

Cannot recommend James and his pianist Tim highly enough…..Tim played a beautiful selection of songs during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast at our recent wedding at Gaynes Park; numerous compliments from many of our guests – my mum especially was very impressed! James hit exactly the right spot for the evening do, he played all my requested tracks and the dance floor was never empty. Fab service, efficient invoicing and admin. Don’t hesitate, just book!!

Chris Spencer

We had Piano DJ for our Wedding in late August… and wow… What a service!! The piano player (Ziggy) was fantastic… played all the songs we threw at him and complemented the list with his own choices which was perfect for our drinks reception. Then the DJ in the evening was equally fantastic, had people dancing all night through his choice of tunes and played people’s requests too… Thanks guys a brilliant, professional and easy to deal with service! We would thoroughly recommend these guys for every wedding! Chris and Corinne!