A small team of world class pianists, DJs, saxophonists and bongo players available for bookings in the UK and Europe.

The people who choose PianoDJ for their wedding or event usually have a huge passion for music and want it to be an important part of their day.

Music can make you happy or sad, it creates incredible memories and it has the power to change how you feel.

The Best Wedding DJs in the UK

World class DJs with a talent for making people dance at weddings in the UK and across Europe.

These DJs have been mentored and trained by the owner of PianoDJ and are now recognised as being the top choice for couples who want a really awesome DJ for their wedding.

Wedding DJ
Music reaches across age barriers and can instantly connect people together. I guess the idea of raving alongside your nan would be the ultimate success.

Wedding Pianists

A hand-picked team of the UKs finest pianists available to play for weddings and events.

PianoDJ are the most trusted wedding pianist agency in the UK and provide a lot of work for the UKs best wedding pianists.

The exclusive pianists can play everything from love songs and film music to indie, pop punk and rock.

Wedding Pianist
Music has the power to change the way that people behave and how they interact with the people around them.

Exclusive All Day Wedding Music Package

If you want the music at your wedding to be one of the most incredible parts of your day then this exclusive package could be for you.

UPDATE: Limited availability for dates in 2020

Music for the Day

During the day you get one of PianoDJ's exclusively signed wedding pianists to play for your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and evening drinks reception.

Hire a pianist to play for your daytime wedding reception music instead of a band.

Music for the Night

For your evening reception, the owner of PianoDJ (James) will personally DJ for your wedding and his favourite international bongo and saxophone players will join him for a sensational live DJ set.

Wedding reception music for the evening - hire a live band including a DJ, saxophone player and bongo player

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Music can make you dance wildly and without inhibitions. It nurtures your primative urge to dance and when the right piece of music takes hold of you it is unstoppable.

International Artists

International artists for exclusive weddings, club nights and events in the UK and Europe.

PianoDJ are agents for a hand picked selection of exciting acts that are currently making waves in the music scene across Europe and the World.

Music can make you cry with happiness, it can spark conversations and it can make you dance.

Saxophone and Bongo Players

International saxophone and bongo players for weddings and clubs in the UK and across Europe.

Live musicians bring music to life. The saxophone and bongo players add energy, soul, passion and performance and this makes more people dance.

Hire a saxophone player, sax player, bongo player, percussionist and DJ for your wedding.

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Music can be the difference between a good experience and a great one.

Ibiza Wedding DJ and Saxophonist

Incredible DJs, saxophone players and other live musicians for your wedding in Ibiza.

The couples that use our resident Ibiza DJ and fly out one of our musicians to their wedding abroad are usually worried that a local musician will not play the right music at their wedding.

If music is important to you then we have a small team of DJs and UK musicians that play for weddings in Ibiza.

Wedding DJ Ibiza and hire a sax player to play for your wedding in Ibiza and Mallorca, Majorca, Baleariacs.

Ibiza Wedding DJ
The wrong music can make you feel awkward or make you want to leave a room.

Resident DJs

Resident DJs for every wedding at the top barn wedding venue in Essex.

PianoDJ works with a Maidens Barn wedding venues who have chosen to include our resident DJs for every wedding because they want every wedding to be full of amazing music and lots of dancing.

Maidens Barn offers an incredible level of service to couples and on top of this it provides an awesome venue for a massive party - whether you want a DJ with sax and bongos or a traditional live band.

The large air conditioned dance space is next to the bar and at the end of the main barn, so everything is all in one room. This means that more people dance.

Maidens Barn wedding barn venue is personally endorsed by the owner of PianoDJ.

Maidens Barn wedding venue
Maidens Barn

Like magic, good music can clear your mind of the stresses of life for hours at a time.


Albums of beautiful piano music available to buy or stream online.

If you love piano music then you might want to check out some of the albums of piano music that we have released.

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. [Confucious]