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We believe that avid music fans deserve incredible music on their wedding day.

What is your favourite type of music?

If you are a music fan you will probably remember the very first single that you bought as a teenager.

From that moment you started to develop your music tastes which now influence the bars, clubs, venues and festivals that you visit and the people that you meet and spend time with.

Everybody at PianoDJ knows how it feels to be passionate about music and below are a few styles of music that really excite us.

Click on a genre below to discover our music blogs which are packed full of incredible piano covers, DJ mixes, festival updates, album reviews, artist profiles and much more.

Wedding Music Ideas
We believe in working tirelessly to make sure that every second of music at your wedding is performed brilliantly.

How will the music be performed?

We know that your nan probably wont share your passsion for heavy metal, indie folk, fidget house, garage or jump up drum and bass.

This is where our skill and musical knowledge comes into play.

Our talented pianists specialise in making beautiful piano versions of songs that were never meant to be performed on a piano. You will love the cool piano covers, your friends will love them and even your nan will think that Slipknot sounds beautiful on a piano.

When you give our DJs an insight into your favourite artists, they will spend hours getting to know the music that you love. They will hunt out killer floor fillers, discover amazing remixes and find the best way of performing the music you love at your wedding.

Piano Cover Video

It is really difficult to find an amazing pianist. Every year we audition dozens of pianists, trying to find more musicians to join our team. We find that so many pianists that appear to be brilliant from their CVs, websites, testimonials and recordings actually fail to perform to a high enough standard when we finally see them in an audition. Our auditon process is the most thorough in the industry and all of our pianists are incredible.

Watch our pianists playing

DJ Mix Video

A wedding DJ is responsible for the success of the second half of your wedding. If they do a good job then your evening reception will be talked about for years to come. Equally, if it goes badly then people will remember it for all the wrong reasons. If you really love music then you need to find a DJ that loves music as much as you do. Our DJs spend hours every day surrounded by music. It is their life, their passion and their love.

Watch our DJs mixing
We believe that the time we spend rehearsing and preparing your requests will help us become even better musicians.

PianoDJ Services

PianoDJ specialises in providing pianists and DJs for weddings.

We also offer digital grand piano hire, venue uplighting and bongo and sax players who regularly get booked to join our DJs for the evening reception.

Find out more about the services that we offer for weddings by clicking on one of the buttons below.

We believe in helping couples at every stage of their wedding planning.

Our favourite wedding venues

PianoDJ was started in the summer of 2006 and since then we have worked in a whole range of different venues across the UK. In this time we have seen some quite incredible places - the good, the bad and the ugly.

The venues listed below are some of our favourites. We have worked at them many times before and have been part of some really unforgettable weddings at these venues.

If I were to get married again, then these venues would be in my shortlist. I highly recommend finding out more about them.