Book DJ Luck and MC Neat for your Wedding

Book DJ Luck, MC Neat and PianoDJ

PianoDJ is a music agency that specialises in providing pianists and DJs for weddings in the UK. After a lot of requests from couples we have teamed up with Garage sensations DJ Luck and MC Neat and now offer a package for weddings that includes everything that you need if you want to book DJ Luck and MC Neat for your wedding.

How to Book DJ Luck and MC Neat for your wedding

If you want to book DJ Luck, MC Neat and PianoDJ for your wedding then click the check availability button on this page and fill in the short form. We will speak with DJ Luck and MC Neats management and get back to you with availability and a quote.

What Does PianoDJ Provide When You Book DJ Luck and MC Neat?

Pre-Wedding Planning

PianoDJ have a good relationship with the management company that book DJ Luck and MC Neat and we can help you through the whole process of booking them for your wedding.

Booking a celebrity DJ act can be a daunting task, but we are really experienced with all of the aspects of the booking process and we will take all of the stress out of booking DJ Luck and MC Neat for your wedding.

In the run up to your wedding, PianoDJ will liaise between you, your wedding venue and DJ Luck and MC Neats management so that you don’t have to worry about the finer details of the set timings, arrival requirements and logistics.

Sound and Lighting Equipment

DJ Luck and MC Neat have a technical rider that requires a minimum level of equipment to be provided for them to use at your wedding. The technical rider has strict requirements for the: sound system, lighting rig, microphones, on-stage monitoring, CDJs and mixers.

PianoDJ have custom made club-grade DJ booths and lighting rigs that are regularly used by big name club DJs and they meet all of the criteria in DJ Luck and MC Neat’s rider. The DJ booth also features our iconic heart light that we use for weddings.


PianoDJ have all of the latest Pioneer decks and mixers that big name club DJs require for their DJ sets. We have state of the art wireless mics that are needed for MCs and we provide a sound engineer for all events with DJ Luck and MC Neat.


On the Day Hospitality

We provide a dedicated member of our team to be on hand at all times when DJ Luck and MC Neat are at your wedding venue.

They are the person that will be their main contact for co-ordinating their arrival at the venue, for introducing you to them on the night and for looking after them before, during and after their set.

book dj luck mc neat event hospitality pianodj

Meet DJ Luck and MC Neat

Towards the end of their UK Garage set, you will be invited to join DJ Luck and MC Neat behind the decks in the DJ booth to meet them and for a photo opportunity.

If you book DJ Luck and MC Neat for your wedding then you will be the talk of all your mates and this is a chance for you to get a rare photo with the UK Garage Legends.

Warm Up DJ and Compere

Before DJ Luck and MC Neat start their set, we will provide a warm up DJ and compere to get your guests in the mood for their arrival. This is a really important part of the night because you want everybody to be ready and on the dance floor for when DJ Luck and MC Neat step up to the decks.

piano dj provide compere and warm up dj for luck and neat

DJ Luck in the Mix

DJ Luck is a seasoned DJ and knows exactly what Garage tracks to play to get you and your friends going nuts on the dance floor. We have all of the decks and mixers that DJ Luck needs to play at your wedding.

dj luck in the mix on the pianodj professional dj booth

MC Neat on the Mic

MC Neat is a legendary MC and he will hype up your guests with his lyrical genius. We have the festival-grade wireless microphones that MC Neat needs to use during his set.

mc neat in action behind the heart light pianodj wedding booth

Lighting Engineer

PianoDJ will provide a lighting engineer to mix in the most awesome lighting effects, strobes and washes during DJ Luck and MC Neat’s set.

The lights will be mixed so that they respond to the drops and breakdowns that DJ Luck drops on the decks during the set. This makes the difference between a great night and an incredible night.

pianodj provide lighting engineer for dj luck and mc neats wedding set

Double DJ Booth

When you hire any celebrity club DJ for your wedding, you need to make sure that they have the space to perform to their highest level.

PianoDJ have a double DJ booth that we use for all weddings with DJ Luck and MC Neat. This gives space for all of the musicians, sound engineers, lighting engineers and hospitality staff to work alongside each other during the night without getting in the way.

Our custom DJ Booth also has side doors that help prevent any of your (drunken) star struck guests from interfering in the DJ Luck and MC Neat’s set.

after party DJ mix seamlessly from dj luck mc neat

Why Book DJ Luck and MC Neat for Your Wedding?

If you love UK Garage and your friends love UK Garage then booking DJ Luck and MC Neat for your wedding will be the extra element that will make your wedding completely unforgettable.

When you book DJ Luck and MC Neat you want to have the best possible experience and that is why you need to book PianoDJ so that you know that everything is going to be perfect.

booking dj luck mc neat packed dance floor maidens barn with pianodj

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