BoomTown Fair – 11th-14th August 2016

BoomTown festival can only be described as the UKs wildest and most incredible music festivals. It had humble beginnings and was very much part of the underground music festival scene in 2009 but it has now become one of the most imaginative and wonderfully bizarre festivals and is top on our list of favourites. What started as a village fair has now become a sprawling wonderland of artistic arenas and creative shanty towns that welcome music fans of all genres. It is a roller coaster of audio-visual madness and it is a fully immersive experience full of hidden gems and unexpected treats. Round up your closest friends, unleash your finest fancy dress and embrace the most magical festival – BoomTown Fair!

When? BoomTown Fair takes place every year around the 2nd week in August
Where? BoomTown Fair is located on the Matterly Estate in Winchester.
What? Every kind of musical genre is celebrated at BoomTown, from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco to electro-swing, jazz, blue-grass, bass, jungle, drum and bass and techno.
Tickets: Tier 3 Adult tickets are now still available!

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BoomTown Drum and Bass Festival PianoDJ Weddding DJ

PianoDJ at Boomtown Fair

PianoDJ are big fans of music festivals and all of our DJs and pianists take time off each year to explore the musical landscape of the European festival scene.

One of our DJs, Will, is going to Boomtown Fair this year and this is why he is looking forward to it.

Interview with Will about Boomtown Fair

Q. What are you looking forward to the most about Boomtown Fair?
A. My main reason for going to the festival this year is to go and party at the foot of the increidble Bang Hai Palace stage!

Q. What music are you hoping to enjoy at Boomtown Fair?
A. The very best of drum and bass and electronic music from around the globe

Q. Any top tips for any other people going to Boomtown Fair?
A. Check out the Bang Hai Palace Stage because it boasts a fantastic sound system, a massive light and pyrotechnic display and it has a nine story beacon of power, a symbol of hope erected by Conrade Jose for her loyal citizens…

Bang Hai Palace at Boomtown Fair Festival PianoDJ Wedding DJ

Boomtown Fair Promotional Video

Take a moment to watch this showreel video to get just a tiny insight into just how incredible this festival really is!!