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What are the different types of wedding venue?

Choosing a venue for your wedding is the most important decision that you have to make in the wedding planning process.

The venue that you choose for your wedding day will become the foundation from which all of the other elements of your wedding will be chosen and put together.

The size of the venue will determine the number of guests that you can invite to your wedding. The style and look of the venue will have a direct impact on your wedding photos – the lasting memories of your wedding. Your wedding theme is likely to be shaped and guided by the characteristics of your wedding venue. The suppliers that you choose for your wedding will probably be recommended to you by your wedding venue. The rules, regulations and particulars of your venue will define what you are and what you are not allowed to do on your wedding day.

This is the single, most important choice that you have to make for your wedding so take your time, enjoy the search and have fun finding the perfect venue for your wedding day.

Here is a guide to the most common types of wedding venues.

Barn Wedding Venue

A barn wedding venue offers a pretty, rustic, rural location for your day

Maidens Barn Wedding Barn Venue

Barn Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Sole use of the barn wedding venue for your day.
  • You often get a bigger creative reign with a barn wedding venue- a blank canvas that you can put your ideas onto.

Barn Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Barn wedding venue’s often do not have accommodation.
  • A barn wedding venue can be far away from train stations and motorway junctions because of the rural location.

Country House Wedding Venue

A country house wedding venue offers a homely environment for your big day

The Fennes Country House Wedding Venue

Country House Wedding Venue Pros:

  • It is usual to have sole use for your wedding at a country house wedding venue.
  • Usually there will be accommodation available within the country house wedding venue for your closest family and friends.

Country House Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Limited guest numbers and sometimes can be tight for space, country house wedding venue’s tend to have lots of small rooms.
  • A country house wedding venue can be more expensive than other types of venues.

Hotel Wedding Venue

Your ceremony, meal, entertainment and a place to stay all under one roof with a hotel wedding venue

Fanhams Hall Hotel Wedding Venue

Hotel Wedding Venue Pros:

  • There will be plenty of overnight rooms for all of your guests with a hotel wedding venue.
  • A hotel wedding venue will provide the catering for your event so you could choose to stay at the hotel before you book it for your wedding, to check out the food, rooms and service.

Hotel Wedding Venue Cons:

  • You would not usually have sole use, it is likely that other people will be staying at your hotel wedding venue.
  • Some hotel wedding venue’s will have more than one wedding on the same day.

Marquee Wedding Venue

A blank canvas in which to bring your vision to life with a marquee wedding venue

The Old Hall Ely Marquee Wedding Venue

Marquee Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A marquee wedding venue can offer a pretty fairytale look.
  • Marquee wedding venue’s can offer a really big space for larger weddings.

Marquee Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Most marquee wedding venue’s do not have central heating. They rely on blast heaters which can be too hot or too cold.
  • The linings of the marquee wedding venue can get dirty and ripped towards the end of the wedding season each year.

Restaurant Wedding Venue

For any couple who believes that food is love, a restaurant wedding venue serves up the perfect location

Auberge Du Lac Restaurant Wedding Venue

Restaurant Wedding Venue Pros:

  • You are guaranteed amazing food at a restaurant wedding venue.
  • A restaurant wedding venue will usually be able to offer you sole use.

Restaurant Wedding Venue Cons:

  • A restaurant wedding venue can be a smaller venue option, which could limit the number of guests and the amount of dancing space.
  • Would not usually be able to offer accommodation at a restaurant wedding venue.

Town Hall Wedding Venue

A town hall wedding venue offers a grand but unusual setting

The Old Finsbury Town Hall Wedding Venue

Town Hall Wedding Venue Pros:

  • The town hall wedding venue is central in a town location with good transport links and within easy reach of accommodation.
  • A grand, traditional venue, with impressive rooms is what you will find at a town hall wedding venue.

Town Hall Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Town hall wedding venue’s are run by the council so there can be lots of rules and regulations.
  • There are limited days that you can book a town hall wedding venue, because it is used as a court room, etc during the week.

Church Hall and Village Hall Wedding Venue

For a laid back and personal feel a church or village hall wedding venue is the perfect choice

Hastoe Village Church Hall Wedding Venue

Church Hall and Village Hall Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A church or village hall wedding venue will be a cheaper option to hire.
  • Church or village hall wedding venue’s will usually allow you to bring in your own alcohol.

Church Hall and Village Hall Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Church or village hall wedding venue’s offer no catering, no staff, nothing – you would have to organise everything.
  • The surroundings in a church or village hall may be dated and functional, you may have to put a lot of effort into the decor.

Public Garden, Park, Vineyard and Outdoor Wedding Venue

Bringing your day close to nature with an outdoor wedding venue

Spetchley Gardens, Park, Vineyard and Outdoor Wedding Venue

Garden, Park, Vineyard and Outdoor Wedding Venue Pros:

  • An outdoor wedding venue offers lots of space, fresh air, room for plenty of guests and places for kids to play.
  • There will be great backdrops for your photographs with an outdoor wedding venue.

Garden, Park, Vineyard and Outdoor Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Bad weather can be catastrophic with an outdoor wedding venue.
  • An outdoor wedding venue is not very good for any women who want to walk in heels.

Private House and Home Wedding Venue

Home truly is where the heart is with a home wedding venue

Private House and Home Wedding Venue

Private House and Home Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A home wedding venue is your own space, you make the rules, you know it, you literally feel at home, you can do exactly what you want.
  • There would be no venue hire charge with a house wedding venue, so would save you alot of money.

Private House and Home Wedding Venue Cons:

  • A home wedding venue can become expensive – if you don’t want to DIY the wedding and do it cheaply, then you start having to hire in expensive marquees, caterers, toilets, etc.
  • You have to tidy up afterwards for your home wedding venue.

Castle Wedding Venue

A castle wedding venue for your very own fairytale

Lympne Castle Wedding Venue

Castle Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A princess gets married in a castle wedding venue.
  • A castle wedding venue will have lots of space for banqueting and entertaining.

Castle Wedding Venue Cons:

  • It can be expensive to hire a whole castle wedding venue.
  • You may only have access to limited areas in a castle wedding venue- not full use of all rooms.

Period and Historic Wedding Venue

A historic wedding venue offers original features for your own day that will go down in history as the best ever

Anne of Cleves Barn Great Lodge Period and Historic Wedding Venue

Period and Historic Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Historic wedding venue’s by their name have lots of history to the building, you might have an interest in the historical period and it will provide intrigue for the guests.
  • You could build your theme around the style of your historic wedding venue – themes/outfits/music.

Period and Historic Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Usually listed buildings such as a historic wedding venue, will have strict rules about decor and the volume of music.
  • The historic wedding venue is not designed for weddings so there will be compromise in the flow of your wedding for the sake of using such a significant building.

City Wedding Venue

A cosmopolitan choice for a couple who love the bright lights with a city wedding venue

8 Northumberland Avenue City Wedding Venue

City Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Photographs could feature some of the iconic buildings near to your city wedding venue (London Eye, St Pauls, etc).
  • A city wedding venue will have great transport links.

City Wedding Venue Cons:

  • It is usually more expensive to hire a city wedding venue and the drinks and food are also likely to be more expensive.
  • A city wedding venue is unlikely to have spacious private grounds for photographs and the drinks reception.

Destination Wedding Venue

Sun, sea and say ‘I do!’ on your destination wedding

Crete Destination Wedding Venue

Destination Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Good weather almost guaranteed so outdoor weddings are fantastic with a destination wedding venue.
  • A destination wedding venue has gorgeous settings for photos and general romance and memories.

Destination Wedding Venue Cons:

  • It can be really complicated to arrange all of the legalities for a licensed marriage for a destination wedding venue.
  • The logistics of planning with a destination wedding venue with suppliers in another country, can be a huge headache and a leap into the unknown.

Golf Club Wedding Venue

Your golf club wedding venue will be a hole in one

Channels Golf Club Wedding Venue

Golf Club Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Golf club wedding venue’s are usually quite good value for money.
  • A golf club wedding venue will regularly host wedding receptions, have good, modern facilities and a team of staff that know what they are doing.

Golf Club Wedding Venue Cons:

  • You will not usually have sole use of a golf club wedding venue because the land will also be used by the golf club members.
  • The buildings of a golf club wedding venue are not usually very grand and are functional rather than beautiful.

Beach, Coastal and Sea View Wedding Venue

A dramatic landscape by the sea for your beach wedding venue

Penarth Pier Beach, Coastal and Sea View Wedding Venue

Beach, Coastal and Sea View Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A beach wedding venue will offer great views for dramatic photos.
  • Guests can make the most of your beach wedding venue and extend the trip by a couple of days to make it a weekend holiday near the coast.

Beach, Coastal and Sea View Wedding Venue Cons:

  • Outside elements are reliant on the weather with a beach wedding venue – coastal areas are known for fog, mist, rain, wind.
  • It may be further for guests to travel to a beach wedding venue, as it will be at the edge of the country.

Museum, Zoos and Aquarium Wedding Venue

Include some extra guests of an unusual variety with a zoo wedding venue

Lowry Park Museum, Zoos and Aquarium Wedding Venue

Museum, Zoos and Aquarium Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A zoo wedding venue allows your guests to explore the surroundings that are offered automatically for this type of venue.
  • The opportunity to create some truly original photos at a zoo wedding venue to remember your day.

Museum, Zoos and Aquarium Wedding Venue Cons:

  • A zoo wedding venue is not the most practical of spaces to set up and there may be limited flexibility on what can be moved.
  • It is likely that a zoo wedding venue would still be open to the public.

Tipi, Tent and Wigwam Wedding Venue

A tipi wedding venue: for a festival of love

Peak Tipis Derbyshire Tipi, Tent and Wigwam Wedding Venue

Tipi, Tent and Wigwam Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A tipi wedding venue allows you alot more choice and flexibility as to where you hold your wedding day.
  • Tents for a tipi wedding venue are available in small or larger sizes, making it possible for any sized wedding to have this option.

Tipi, Tent and Wigwam Wedding Venue Cons:

  • You would normally hire the structure only for a tipi wedding venue, so you would then be responsible for sourcing all of the furniture and flooring that would be standard when booking an established venue.
  • If holding your wedding on land that is not connected to a venue, you would need to provide portable toilet facilities for guests when choosing a tipi wedding venue.

Palace Wedding Venue

Royal splendour and magnificent surroundings with a palace wedding venue

Blenheim Palace Wedding Venue

Palace Wedding Venue Pros:

  • Walk in the footsteps of royalty on your special day with a palace wedding venue.
  • A palace wedding venue is one of the grandest settings in which to hold your wedding day.

Palace Wedding Venue Cons:

  • There is likely to be a rather formal atmosphere in a palace wedding venue, that your guests may not feel relaxed in.
  • There will be restrictions in a palace wedding venue as to where you will be allowed access during the day.

National Trust and English Heritage Wedding Venue

Keeping history alive and close to your heart with a National Trust or English Heritage wedding venue

Wrest Park English Heritage National Trust Wedding Venue

National Trust and English Heritage Wedding Venue Pros:

  • A National Trust or English Heritage wedding venue will give you the opportunity to step back in time for your day and be surrounded by true history.
  • By getting married at a National Trust or English Heritage wedding venue like this, you will be contributing to the upkeep of the building and ensuring it remains for generations to come.

National Trust and English Heritage Wedding Venue Cons:

  • The majority of National Trust or English Heritage wedding venue properties will close for the winter months and with less availability this can increase the hire price.
  • As protected properties you would be very limited in what you could add to the decor of the rooms or exterior of a National Trust or English Heritage wedding venue

Sporting Wedding Venue

Score a perfect day with a sporting wedding venue

Epsom Downs Racecourse Sporting Wedding Venues

Sporting Wedding Venue Pros:

  • The opportunity to entertain your guests at no extra cost if you hold your wedding on an event day at a sporting wedding venue.
  • A sporting wedding venue allows you to incorporate your passion into your wedding day

Sporting Wedding Venue Cons:

  • The venue has not been designed for weddings specifically, so a sporting wedding venue may not offer the prettiest of surroundings
  • If only one partner is keen on a sporting wedding venue, they may feel that this choice does not represent you both.

Alternative Wedding Venue

Celebrate what makes you different in a unique setting with an alternative wedding venue

Wookey Hole Cave Alternative Wedding Venue

Alternative Wedding Venue Pros:

  • An alternative wedding venue will allow you to express your individuality through a quirky venue choice.
  • A unique setting that none of your guests will have experienced before with an alternative wedding venue.

Alternative Wedding Venue Cons:

  • It may not always be possible that your chosen alternative wedding venue has a license to marry couples, so you may only be able to hold the wedding reception part of your day there.
  • Not all of your guests may appreciate the individual nature of your alternative wedding venue and might not approve of your choice.

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