DJ + Sax + Keytar

UK Wedding Bookings

The couples who book the CIXADA for their wedding want to dance all night long with their friends and family to the incredible dance music of Ibiza.

(Note: all CIXADA UK wedding bookings also include an exclusive wedding DJ who will play more family-friendly music for the rest of the evening party.)

CIXADA - Watch The Video Now!

CIXADA - Act Information

CIXADA is made up of three of the best club musicians in Europe - Ibiza DJ BadCat, Ibiza Keytar player NINA and UK Saxophonist MasterSax.

The act is super exciting and high energy with both live musicians performing using wireless instruments so that they can bring the party to the crowd.

In 2019 the CIXADA headlined a 16 week sunset party in Ibiza, sold out brunch parties in the UK and performed at iconic venues including Ibiza Rocks Bar, Plastik and Bay Bar Beach Club.

CIXADA has a unique sound: a combination of commercial house, classic house, dance anthems and samples from iconic tracks from across the decades over the top of super catchy tribal house grooves.

"The music was spot on all night and our dance floor was never empty. We had to literally drag our guests outside to do the sparklers but no one wanted to leave the dance floor and they were all straight back onto it once we had finished with the sparklers. The saxphone and keytar were a great addition and mingled with the guests which was great fun!⁠"

CIXADA - Live Recording

CIXADA - The Musicians

DJ - BadCat

BadCat is known for his insatiable drive to get people dancing, his friendly and approachable style and his ability to push dancers right to their limits. He has been booked to play for over 2000 of the wildest private parties, weddings and club nights across Europe.

Keytar - NINA

UK raised, Ibiza based keytar player NINA is one of the most exciting club keyboard players touring Europe right now. Trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, she is now pushing the boundaries of club piano and is excited to be endorsed by Roland UK.

Sax - MasterSax

MasterSax is a multi-award winning saxophonist who splits his time between Ibiza and the UK. He’s a favourite for high-profile celebrity events, a regular fixture on the European nightclub scene and has TV credits including the X-Factor & Britain's Got Talent.

"We had so many comments on how good PianoDJ were with so many guests saying they can’t remember leaving the dance floor until they had to go home. Loads of guests didn’t even know there was evening food because they were to busy partying on the dance floor!⁠ Would highly recommend booking PianoDJ.⁠⁠"

CIXADA - Bringing Ibiza to the UK

CIXADA - Headline act CIXADA sunset party in Ibiza.

CIXADA - What is Included?

All UK wedding bookings include:

1. CIXADA for 90min headline Ibiza set.

2. Exclusive wedding DJ to warm up for CIXADA and to DJ for the rest of the evening party (upto 5 hours).

YES!!! - The price includes the CIXADA and an exclusive wedding DJ from PianoDJ. This means that the music for your whole evening party is covered.

3. You can choose the style of music that the exclusive DJ will play, but in general it will be a range of more family friendly "non-ibiza" music.

4. A world class VOID sound system (same as O Beach and Eden in Ibiza) is included.

5. All DJ equipment (Pioneer CDJ2000XNS2 and DJM900NXS2 Mixer), all instruments and all instrument microphones are all provided for UK weddings.

6. Full lighting and production is provided with a lighting engineer and crew member.

7. All travel expenses (flights, hotels, fuel, travel) and VAT is included.

"I have never been at an event when I have not left the dance floor unless I’ve had to! I felt if I did I was missing out. The music was amazing all night and the pianist was so talented. I have never smiled so much whilst dancing. So many guests are still talking about about our wedding and the music. I wish I had another event so that we could use you again!"

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"Seeing grandma dancing to a mixture of disco classics and drum and bass is a memory which will last with us all! One close friend commented: “What a banger of a wedding. Don’t think I’ve ever been more excited when I saw the guy with the sax coming down the corridor!”, which sums up everybody’s reaction to the live performance. "