White Twinkle Starlight Dance Floor

We have a stunning 16ft by 16ft white twinkle starlight dance floor and a really large van so that we can deliver it to weddings!!

If you have booked one of our wedding DJs then you can add our white twinkle dancefloor to your music package.

The dance floor will be available for PianoDJ couples to hire for £600. This includes delivery, collection, cleaning and VAT.

We have bought a state-of-the-art white LED dance floor from a company called Grumpy Joes who are the leading dance floor manufacturer. They are also based in the UK and this means that it is super handy for ongoing maintenance.

Our dance floor is cleaned professionally by independent cleaners at our warehouse after every wedding. This means that the dance floor will look really good for longer and it means that it takes us less than 30mins to pack down and unload from your venue. Other companies clean their dance floor at the venue and this can lead to you getting extra charges for extended venue hire.

Why would you want to hire a dance floor for your wedding?

The only real reason to hire a white starlight dance floor for your wedding is if you think it looks amazing and will make your first dance photos look incredible.

You will have an awesome party with our DJs regardless of whether you hire the dance floor or not.

Is the dance floor available for your wedding?

We only have one dancefloor available to hire and we only have one van large enough to hire the dance floor. It is almost completely booked out for Friday and Saturdays in the summer so you will need to let us know sooner rather than later if you would like us to add a dancefloor to your package.

White Dance Floor at The Reid Rooms