All of our pianists own state of the art professional keyboards for weddings and these keyboards are included free of charge in all of our piano music packages.

We cannot guarantee any specific keyboard for any event.

The majority of our pianists use Roland professional keyboards and these instruments are designed and built to sound exactly the same as a real piano.

When you book a pianist to play for your wedding, they will bring their own personal professional keyboard(s) with them to use for your event. Most of our full time pianists have two professional keyboards and this works really well for venues that have multiple rooms – because you can have different keyboards set up in different areas of your venue.

Professional keyboards come in all different shapes, colours and sizes and a pianist will choose their instruments to fit in with their own circumstances. We cannot guarantee any specific keyboard for any event.

For example:

  • SIZE OF KEYBOARD – All of our pianists have different sized cars and vans and they will have chosen a professional keyboard that works with their vehicle. Our pianists also work abroad and will often have at least one lightweight professional keyboard that is suitable for taking on an plane / train / taxi.
  • SOUND MODULES ON KEYBOARD – As well as playing background music for weddings, our pianists often work as session musicians for bands (with artists such as Tinie Tempah, Shirley Bassey, etc) and the type of professional keyboards that they use needs to be compatible with the software that they use to program sounds for these performances.
  • HEIGHT OF MUSICIAN – When you are playing a professional keyboard for over 5 hours a day, you have to pay a lot of attention to the physical demands that playing the piano has on your body. Although most people assume that pianists will have sore fingers, the most common ailment is back pain. Some of the nicer looking keyboards with fixed sides and fronts are fixed position keyboards that are designed for the ‘average person’. This means that they are not suitable for shorter or taller pianists and they are not appropriate for them to play. Instead, these musicians require a keyboard on a stand so that the height is adjustable.
  • KEYBOARDS FOR LARGE ROOMS – If your have booked a pianist to play outside or in a large room then it is likely that they will need to connect their professional keyboard to a more substantial sound system. In this instance, the sound of the sound system starts to become just as important as the sound of the keyboard. A lot of the “prettier” looking pianos do not have the right outputs to connect to a high quality professional sound system as these instruments are really designed to be used in a residential home.

Here are a selection of photos showing some of the professional keyboards that our pianists use for weddings.

Remember, we are unable to guarantee any specific keyboard for any event. If it is important for you to have a really stunning instrument for your pianist to play at your wedding then we recommend hiring our digital grand piano.