Hire a Digital Grand Piano for Your Wedding Reception

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Hire one of our stunning, black gloss, Roland RG-3F Digital Grand Pianos

Are you looking to hire a grand piano? Add sophistication and class to your wedding reception and impress your guests with the wonderful elegance and exquisite sounds of a grand piano.

The Roland digital grand pianos have a natural and beautiful piano sound and are renowned for capturing the power, richness and beauty of an acoustic concert grand piano.

Hire a grand piano and an exceptional pianist for your wedding breakfast. We can assemble the grand piano in the middle of the room as a stunning centre piece.

Start the evening with romantic slow dances on the dance floor around a grand piano.
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Why hire a grand piano?

Hire a digital grand piano for your wedding and impress your guests with the impact of a stunning grand piano for your wedding reception.

Digital Grand vs Acoustic Grand?

Our digital grand pianos have the very latest in piano sampling technology and it makes the same beautiful sounds as an exquisite concert grand piano. The pianos also have an inbuilt reverb control and each note can be EQ’d so that the instrument sounds perfect in every room.

Reasons to hire a digital over an acoustic grand

  • A digital is cheaper and sounds the same
  • A digital doesn’t need tuning so saves the 1.5-2 hours of a piano tuners time (which you don’t have to pay for!)
  • Much easier and quicker to set up
  • Volume control so you can set sound level to size of the room
  • Can connect to speakers to entertain larger rooms and crowds
  • More compact so you can fit through normal size doors to fit into virtually any room
  • Not affected by temperature changes so do not need retuning if venue is not kept a constant temperature through the event
  • Designed to sound good in any type of venue
We are often asked about the make, model and size of our grand piano. Perhaps you are trying to work out if it will fit in the venue location or maybe you just want to be absolutely certain about what you are booking. Here if the information that you need!!

Description: Digital Grand Piano
Colour: Black Gloss
Make: Roland
Model: RG-3F


We move our digital grand piano using traditional piano moving techniques. In essence, the legs and pedal board unscrew from the piano and the piano is transported on it’s side using piano wheels. This means that the piano can be wheeled through “normal” 3ft doorways, inbetween tables and down the aisle of a ceremony room. We have a series of ramps that we use to get the piano in and out of our vans and up and down small flights of stairs.

PianoDJ moving a digital grand piano on piano wheels.

A Digital Grand Piano Does Not Need Tuning

DIGITAL ** A digital grand piano does not need to be tuned – ever!! This means that it is ready to be played as soon as it is wheeled into the room and assembled.

ACOUSTIC ** A real grand piano will need tuning when it has been assembled. It can take between 1.5 to 2 hours to tune a grand piano.

Our Digital Grand Piano is Cheaper to Hire and has the Same Sound as a Concert Grand Piano

DIGITAL ** Our digital grand piano has the very latest in piano sampling technology and it makes the same beautiful sounds as an exquisite concert grand piano. The piano also has an inbuilt reverb control and each note can be EQ’d so that the instrument sounds perfect in every room.

ACOUSTIC ** An acoustic concert grand piano is a very large and expensive instrument and the hire charges for this reflect the sheer effort involved in moving an instrument of this scale and value. A concert grand piano would be overpowering in an intimate setting. Our digital grand piano has a volume control so that we can set the level of the sound to the size of the room.

DIGITAL ** In fact, for larger weddings with 200-300 guests, we can connect our digital grand piano to a wireless speaker system and make sure that everybody can hear the piano at a suitable background volume.

It is Much Easier and Quicker to Transport a Digital Grand Piano

DIGITAL ** Digital grand pianos are compact and relatively lightweight. They can be lifted by two “average people” and the moving process is much safer than moving an acoustic grand piano.

ACOUSTIC ** Acoustic grand pianos are very heavy. They have an iron metal frame that has to support the high tension of the piano strings. This makes acoustic pianos very difficult to move – strong men required!

A Digital Piano Is More Compact than an Acoustic Piano

DIGITAL ** A digital grand piano is smaller in size than an acoustic piano. This is because it does not have any strings – the sound is produced from speakers. A digital grand piano can fit through regular 3ft doors without having to take the door off!

ACOUSTIC ** In an acoustic grand piano, the low notes are produced by long piano strings and this is why the instruments are so large. An acoustic grand piano is much harder to fit in the banqueting hall or lounge at your wedding venue.

A Digital Grand Piano is Not Affected by Changes in Temperature

DIGITAL ** Most wedding venues are only heated for the duration of the wedding. When there is not a wedding at the venue, the heating will usually be off. The heating will also be turned off at night. A digital grand piano is not affected by irregular heating patterns and can be happily left in a venue that experiences changes in temperature.

ACOUSTIC ** You will be hard pressed to leave a grand piano in a venue that experiences temperature changes without requiring a piano tuner to keep tuning the piano.

An Acoustic Grand Piano Sounds Much Better than a Digital Grand Piano in a Concert Hall

ACOUSTIC ** A top of the range concert grand piano will sound incredible for concerts and recitals in a concert hall. Concert halls have been specially built with wonderful acoustics and a nice instrument is unmatched by any digital equivalent in these environments.

DIGITAL ** We specialise in providing grand pianos for wedding venues, mansion houses, castles, marquees, golf clubs, country mansions and other more intimate venues that have not been built for the quality of sound.

A digital grand piano is better than an acoustic grand piano in all of these venues.

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