How to compare the different wedding DJs in your shortlist.

Now that you have a shortlist of wedding DJs, you are ready to start deciding between the suppliers on your list. I completely understand what you are going through right now. I had to do exactly the same thing for my wedding because all of our DJs were guests and I had to find somebody else!!

I discovered that in general, wedding DJs fell into three main categories – real DJs that love music, production companies with “wedding” DJs and amateur part time DJs looking for extra cash.

For me, the choice was a no brainer – I love music more than anything else in the world, so I found a really cool DJ to play for my wedding. It was amazing!!!

So, which type of DJ is best for you?

Couples who love music.

If you love music then you will agree with me that it is really important to find a DJ who will play great music at your wedding. I can tell you that my wife and I decided to pick our own flowers for our wedding and we used the money we saved on our wedding flowers to make space in our budget for the DJ of our dreams. It was so so so worth it. We partied until 3 in the morning and all of our friends are still talking about how good the music was at our wedding.

Couples who want the prettiest option.

Some couples dream about having a fairytale wonderland wedding with sparkly dance floors, flowing ceiling draping, glitter balls, chandeliers, twinkle light backdrops, starcloth DJ booths, etc. The focus is on making a really good impression on the guests with the look of the evening reception and trying to get the prettiest first dance photos. The look of the wedding is the most important thing and the music is secondary. These couples believe that the music doesn’t really matter as long as the DJ plays a bit of everything and a bit of cheese to get people up and dancing.

Couples who want the cheapest option.

Weddings can be very expensive and a lot of couples have a really tight budget for their wedding. For some couples, music is not very important and the look of the evening reception is also not very important. If this is case, then it is a really smart move to find a part time DJ who can just turn up and play a bit of music. It doesn’t matter that the DJ is just going to stick on some megamix party CDs because the DJ is really cheap and there are no great expectations. For couples who really don’t care about music then this is the best option.

Do you love music??

If you genuinely love music then you should book us for your wedding. We love music so much and would love to share our enthusiasm and excitement with you if you are a big fan of music too.

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