Ibiza Wedding DJ

Ibiza Wedding DJ, Ibiza Saxophone, Ibiza Pianist and Ibiza Bongo Player available to hire for your wedding in Ibiza.

High quality Ibiza entertainment for weddings with a dedicated team of Ibiza DJs, saxophone players, pianist and percussionists for couples who love music.

Ibiza wedding DJ at Villa wedding venue

Best Ibiza Wedding DJ and Saxophone Player Ibiza

PianoDJ represent Ibiza Wedding DJ James and Ibiza Saxophone Player Phil for weddings.

James and Phil perform at weddings all over the world and alongside this, in 2019 they will be headlining a brand new sunset party called CIXADA at Bay Bar in San Antonio, Ibiza.

Ibiza DJ and Saxophone – Live Session

Enjoy this live session video of James and Phil playing DJ and saxophone at the top of the cliffs at one of the world’s most exclusive wedding venues – Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Ibiza Wedding DJ James (owner of PianoDJ) has DJ’d at over 2000 weddings across Europe.

James performs in Ibiza under the name BadCat as a Melodic House and Techno DJ and a bongo player. Scheduled performances include: Pukka Up, Plastik, Beautiful People, Hush and Eden.

The couples who choose James to be their Ibiza Wedding DJ usually have a huge passion for music and want it to be an important part of their wedding celebrations.

When you book James as your Ibiza Wedding DJ, you get a Void sound speaker system included free of charge (if your Ibiza wedding venue does not already have one installed).

You can upgrade your Ibiza wedding package to include an Ibiza saxophonist to work alongside James for an Ibiza Saxophone and DJ set.

Another popular option for your Ibiza wedding package is to hire an Ibiza pianist to play chilled out piano covers of house tracks for your wedding reception and meal.

This includes your Ibiza pianist and the hire of a grand piano shell that looks amazing and can be set up outside or on the beach (requires power).

You can upgrade your Ibiza wedding package to include an Ibiza bongo player or percussionist to work alongside James for an Ibiza drum and DJ set.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Ibiza Wedding DJ

Are you looking for a good wedding DJ to play the music that you love for your wedding in Ibiza?

Do you want an Ibiza wedding DJ that

1) Has a passion for the incredible music that you love (deep house, tech house, Glitterbox disco house, funky house, chilled house, poolside house, vocal house, uplifting house, commercial house, tribal house, tropical house).

2) Understands the wide range of music that your friends and family grew up on back in the UK and the music that will get them dancing together and having fun.

3) You can trust because they have a huge level of experience DJing for weddings.

4) You can be excited about coming to play for your wedding because they are an amazing DJ and have played in some really cool places.

5) Shares your love for the beautiful island of Ibiza and appreciates the atmosphere you are trying to create on your wedding day.

If so, then you might want to consider James as your Ibiza wedding DJ.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Best Ibiza DJ for Weddings – James

James is the owner of PianoDJ and has DJ’d at over 2000 weddings since starting PianoDJ in the UK in June 2006.

He has built up a reputation as one of the best wedding DJs in the UK and he is now expanding PianoDJ to Ibiza and starting to build a reputation as a top Ibiza DJ available for weddings.

James is a multi-format Ibiza Wedding DJ. This means that alongside House and Techno he has a deep understanding of music from across lots of different genres from Motown, Disco, Soul, Funk and Rock n Roll to 80s, 90s, 00s, mainstream pop, chart, Kisstory, UK Garage, RnB, Drum and Bass, Grime, Bassline, Hip Hop, Electro Swing, etc.

His ability to get you dancing to the music you love alongside your friends and family is absolutely incredible. The idea of a success would be you dancing to house music with your nan raving alongside you!

Choosing a DJ for your wedding is a big decision, so please read through the hundreds of reviews about Ibiza Wedding DJ James

James and his wife Nina have a huge love for Ibiza, it is their favourite place in the world, and they have a villa on the island.

Ibiza Wedding DJ James and his family spend their time between the UK and Ibiza - top Ibiza DJ

The villa is used by James and Nina as a second home for their family and it is also used as a base to run PianoDJ on Ibiza.

It has a small office in one of the rooms so that we can easily plan and help you manage your Ibiza wedding and we have a small team who are constantly building relationships with Ibiza wedding venues.

It has a storage space for equipment and PianoDJ have a VOID Ibiza sound speaker system available for weddings (and private events) on the island.

The villa also has spare rooms for PianoDJ musicians to use when they are visiting the island for club work and for weddings.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Wedding Saxophone Ibiza Saxophonist

James has connections with the best wedding saxophone players in Ibiza and you can add an Ibiza saxophonist to your wedding music package.

Ibiza saxophone players are a guaranteed way to add more excitement to your wedding and get more people dancing. You can hire your saxophone player Ibiza as part of your wedding music package with PianoDJ.

Wedding saxophone Ibiza saxophone girl. Saxophone player Ibiza saxophonist.

You may have seen the amazing Ibiza saxophone girl, Lovely Laura, playing the saxophone with her DJ husband Ben Santiago. Laura is the most in demand female sax player in the world and the duo have several residencies in Ibiza this year.

If you want to hire a saxophone player in Ibiza to join James your DJ for a sax and DJ set at your wedding in Ibiza then this is something that you can add onto your package.

You have the choice of an Ibiza saxophone player from our team our musicians that we work with regularly, or we can hire a female saxophonist Ibiza to play for your wedding.

If budget is not a problem then we can also make enquiries with Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago and see if they will provide a quote to play saxophone and DJ for an hour at your wedding.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Wedding Pianist Ibiza Piano Music for Weddings

Most wedding music packages with PianoDJ include an Ibiza pianist to play background piano music during the arrival drinks reception and meal.

You can also hire an Ibiza wedding pianist to play piano music for your Ibiza wedding ceremony.

Ibiza pianists can be hired to play chillout sunset piano music and piano covers of house songs. This is awesome!

Ibiza wedding pianist and piano man Ibiza sunset piano bar for weddings.

You can add an Ibiza wedding pianist onto your wedding music package. They will play chillout piano music for any of the following sections of your wedding day: wedding ceremony, drinks reception, meal.

Your Ibiza pianist can play a whole range of music, but the most popular music for a piano man to play for an Ibiza wedding is sunset piano Ibiza chillout piano music.

Have a listen to the latest albums of chillout Ibiza piano music that have been released by PianoDJ.

All bookings for an Ibiza wedding pianist include the hire of a white grand piano shell, completely free of charge.

Ibiza wedding pianist white dutch grand piano shell for weddings alongside Ibiza wedding DJ package.

The white grand piano shell can be played outside, on the beach, on a patio, inside a restaurant – absolutely anywhere with power.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Wedding Bongo Player Ibiza Percussionist Drummer

A good way to add extra energy into the DJ set is to hire an Ibiza bongo player or percussionist to join James for the evening.

As well as DJing, James also performs as a bongo player in Ibiza. He is a regular on boat parties, in beach clubs and in nightclubs (in the photo above, he is playing bongos for the Beautiful People boat party).

The most famous percussionist and drummer working on Ibiza is Shovell who was the drummer from the M-People. You can find Shovell playing at the biggest parties, including Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza.

He is an incredible drummer and is known locally as the drum warrior!

James knows all the best Ibiza bongo players and percussionists and he can get them for the very best prices if you would like to add one of these drummers to your Ibiza wedding package.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list

Ibiza Sound Speaker System Hire

The VOID sound system in Ibiza is already booked most most weekends for James to use at weddings.

For week day weddings and other events, such as live DJ streams and after parties, the VOID sound system DJ equipment is available to hire.

PianoDJ have a range of DJ equipment for hire including a VOID sound speaker system, two Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2 and a Pioneer DJM900 Mixer.

DJ equipment hire on Ibiza comes with a crew member for the duration of the Ibiza sound system hire. This is because of the strict volume rules now in place across Ibiza.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Price list.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Prices

Most couples that hire their Ibiza wedding DJ from PianoDJ choose the signature Ibiza wedding package that includes a pianist, DJ and sax player.

Heavily discounted prices are available for the signature Ibiza wedding package for Tuesday and Thursday weddings in Ibiza (see below).

A £500 discount is available on all DJ bookings at wedding venues that provide a sound system and club standard CDJs.

It is likely that you will have to pay your Ibiza wedding venue €500-€750 to use their sound system and PianoDJ offer a £500 discount so that you do not have to pay this fee twice.

You can also put together your own Ibiza music package and handpick just the musicians that you need for your wedding in Ibiza.

Ibiza Wedding Packages

PianoDJ offer a signature Ibiza wedding package that includes Ibiza wedding pianist Nina, Ibiza wedding DJ James and Ibiza saxophone player Phil.

Ibiza Wedding Package Summary

  • A venue visit by one of the PianoDJ team in the run up to your wedding.
  • Nina piano for up to 3 hours.
  • White grand piano shell.
  • James DJ for your evening party.
  • Phil Sax for up to 2 hours alongside DJ
  • VOID sound system, Pioneer Decks, Microphone and Sound System for your speeches (if required)
  • Accommodation for musicians
  • Flights for musicians
  • Travel and transfers for musicians
  • VAT

Nina Piano

Nina will play the piano for upto 3 hours for your wedding and this can be for any combination of your ceremony / drinks reception / meal.

Included in the price of the package is a white grand piano shell that fits in perfectly with the traditional white colour scheme of Ibiza wedding venues.

The white grand piano shell can also be used on the beach or on a cliff top using a portable battery for remote locations.

James DJ

James will DJ for your evening party for the dancing

In the run up to your wedding, you will tell us about the music that you love and hate so that James can prepare a one-off set of music especially for your wedding.

PianoDJ have a complete wedding DJ rig on Ibiza which includes a world class Void Sound System and Pioneer decks and this is included in the package.

If your wedding venue provides a sound system and club standard CDJs then you will get a £500 discount on the price of the signature wedding package.

Phil Sax

Phil sax will join James DJ for a 90minute set that is spread over a 2 hour period.

The music usually includes some of the big saxophone house classics such as Jubel (save me), Man With The Red Face, etc.

Phil will also play the saxophone over the top of a wide range of other tracks, giving James DJ the freedom to pick killer tracks to get people up dancing.

Discounted Ibiza Wedding Package Prices for Tuesday and Thursday Weddings

£2850 – Tuesday/Thursday Signature Wedding Package SPECIAL PRICE (usually £3550)

-£500 – Discount if your wedding venue provides the sound system and CDJs

Check Ibiza Wedding DJ Availability

Ibiza Wedding Package Prices for Friday – Monday Weddings

£3300 – Friday to Monday Wedding, Signature Wedding Package Price (usually £3550)

-£500 – Discount if your wedding venue provides the sound system and CDJs

Ibiza Wedding Music Full Price List

Ibiza DJ Package Prices

£2750 – James DJ and Phil Sax

£2800 – Nina Piano and James DJ

£2000 – James DJ

-£500 – Discount if your wedding venue provides the sound system and CDJs

Live Music Package Prices

£1550 – Nina Piano and Phil Sax

£800 – Nina Piano

£750 – Phil Sax

All equipment, travel, flights, transfers and accommodation and VAT are included in the prices.

Ibiza Wedding DJ Check Availability

To check the availability of an Ibiza DJ for your wedding, click the button below and fill out the check availability form.

You will get a personal email back from our booking agent to let you know if there is still a DJ available for your wedding.

Ibiza Wedding DJ

Ibiza Wedding Venues

Over the summer, we will be visiting these Ibiza Wedding Venues and providing a full write up of each venue t help couples in the UK choose a venue for their wedding in Ibiza.

List of Ibiza Wedding Venues

Ibiza Wedding Venues Hotel

Ibiza Wedding Venues Villas

Ibiza Wedding Venues Beach