where to watch the sunset in san antonio ibiza

The 7 Best Ibiza Sunset Locations, One for Every Day of the Week.

This Ibiza sunset guide has been updated for 2019 and gives you a top Ibiza sunset location for each day of the week.

Everybody who visits Ibiza makes at least one trip to the North of the island to watch the sunset and this helpful guide will help you decide where to watch the sunset in Ibiza.

Best Place to See Sunset In Ibiza

Watching the Ibiza sunset is an essential “must do” for everybody that visits Ibiza.

There is something completely magical about watching the sun setting into the sea and it is an experience that unites visitors of all ages as they share the special sunset moment together.

If this is your first time in Ibiza then this guide will help you find the best place to see the sunset in Ibiza.

If you are a regular visitor to Ibiza then this guide might inspire you to try a new sunset spot on the island.

And don’t worry too much about the weather…

…the best sunset Ibiza is often one that appears out of nowhere on a cloudy day.

Ibiza Sunset – The 7 Best Ibiza Sunset Locations

During the summer months, Ibiza has something different and really special to offer on every day of the week.

Pick your sunset day and then scroll down to see where you should watch the Ibiza sunset on that day.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Wednesday

The best place to see the sunset in Ibiza on a Wednesday is at the CIXADA sunset party in Bay Bar Beach Club, San Antonio.

CIXADA is a new sunset party in Ibiza for the 2019 season and it is taking the island by storm.

The party starts at 18:30 and takes place in a sunset beach bar in San Antonio called Bay Bar Beach Club.

Bay Bar is a sunset Ibiza restaurant on the main promenade in San Antonio and unlike the more famous sunset strip bars and restaurants which are next to rocks, Bay Bar is actually right on a beautiful sandy beach.

The CIXADA sunset party Ibiza combines music, food and drink to create an incredible sunset experience that follows the progression of the sun and as day turns into night, Bay Bar becomes the busiest bar in San Antonio as sunset watchers dance under the stars until late in the evening.

Music is provided by three of the UK’s top DJ and musicians: BadCat (DJ and percussion), MasterSax (saxophone) and NINA (piano and keytar) and the live show is incredible.

You will get the opportunity to hear saxophone classics such as Jubel and Man With The Red Face played live and at sunset, there is a spine tingling piano and DJ Ibiza sunset session.

Tickets include VIP sunset tables at Bay Bar Beach Club sunset bar Ibiza and your food and drink for the night. You get 2 glasses of cava, canapes, 0.5l sangria, 3-course meal, shot of Hierbas and entry into the VIP area behind the DJ booth.

CIXADA is the best way to experience the Sunset in San Antonio Ibiza.

Advance booking is essential.

Ticket Link: www.cixada.co.uk

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Thursday

The best place to watch a sunset in Ibiza on a Thursday is from sea onboard a Pukka Up boat party.

If you are in Ibiza to party hard and don’t want to take any time out to watch the sunset then the Pukka Up boat party could be exactly what you need.

This is a no frills boat party and is all about the music.

From the moment you step on board, you will be dancing to music from the best resident DJs in Ibiza and as Pukka Up is a global brand you often get surprised by guest performances from some of the biggest DJs in the club scene.

Every party, the DJs are joined by Matt Saxx and a team of energetic dancers who work together to make sure that you don’t stop dancing even for a minute.

At sunset the captain of the boat will make sure that you get an incredible view of the sun setting into the sea before heading back to the port in San Antonio.

Tickets for the Pukka Up boat party include 3 free drinks on board, the 3-hour boat party, entry to ABODE at Amnesia on Thursday evening and then entry to O Beach the following day on the Friday.

This boat party is not about drinking games, eating food, having a VIP experience or water sports.

Instead, the focus is on the music with the best DJs in Ibiza playing house music under the sky and everybody on the boat is there to dance.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Friday

On a Friday evening, head down to the sunset strip Ibiza to experience one of the most iconic sunsets that Ibiza has to offer.

For 2019 we are recommending the sunset strip on a Friday because Defected have confirmed a warm up party at Café Mambo every Friday during the season and you will get to experience some of the top DJs in the world.

There are several different ways to enjoy the sunset strip in Ibiza, so scroll down and pick one that works for you.

Where is the Sunset Strip Ibiza?

The sunset strip is in San Antonio, Ibiza and is a waterfront promenade with dramatic sunset views, bars, cafes and music.

To get to the sunset strip from the fountains in San Antonio, walk along the docks and keep on walking around the coast.

There is a newly built promenade and it is wheelchair / buggy friendly and if you follow this then you can’t get lost!

It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk to the sunset strip in San Antonio Ibiza.

There is also a free carpark that you can use next to Mint Café if you plan on eating / drinking at any of the Mambo Group venues.

Sunset Strip San Antonio Ibiza Map

If you can’t find your way to the sunset strip in San Antonio, then use the map below to help you get there!!

Restaurants on Sunset Strip Ibiza

There are four top sunset strip restaurants that offer the best view of the sunset.

Three of these are owned by the Mambo Group (Café Mambo, Mint Lounge Bar and Savannah) and the other is Café del Mar.

All of these sunset strip restaurants expect a minimum spend for tables during sunset. You will get your table for 3 hours and the range of prices reflects the type of table and how good the view is of the sunset. [prices correct on 19th June 2019]

Café Mambo: €60-150 minimum spend per person

Mint Lounge Bar: €50-60 minimum spend per person

Savannah: €50-60 minimum spend per person

Café del Mar: €25-60 minimum spend per person

Sunset Strip San Antonio for Free

A really popular option for residents and regular visitors to the sunset set strip in San Antonio is to sit on the rocks in front of the sunset strip restaurants and enjoy the sunset for free.

When you arrive, if you walk away from the sea in-between Savannah and Fresh then you can find a little supermarket called Ocean Market (opposite Yog Good).

Here, you can pick up drinks and snacks for a couple of Euros and then head back to the rocks to enjoy the sunset.

In Ibiza, the coastline is public and none of it is privately owned…

…which means that you can sit on the rocks in front of Café del Mar or Café Mambo and enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the sunset without spending much (any) money.

Just be aware that the rocky coastline in Ibiza is quite jagged and you might benefit from having something soft to sit on if you are still in your swimming gear (a towel/blanket)!

Ibiza Sunset Mambo

Café Mambo has become the biggest player on the sunset strip and combines the sunset, food and drinks with top name DJs.

It has come a long way now since it’s beginnings as a small, derelict Ibicencan house and thanks to the founder Javier Anadon, it has now become a huge influential force in the dance music world.

BBC Radio 1 descend on Café Mambo once a year and the DJ booth has hosted some iconic DJs including Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Faithless.

After sunset, expect the promenade to fill up with dancers partying on the street to the tunes that the DJ is playing from the iconic DJ booth inside the window of the building.

Sunset Ibiza Café del Mar

Café del Mar is the most iconic sunset strip Ibiza restaurant and it has a worldwide reputation for its unique style of music.

The DJs play a combination of chillout, lounge, ambient, chill house and Balaric beats and this style of music has been picked up on across the globe and made Café del Mar its own musical genre.

For relaxing and watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, having a meal at Café del Mar is an unmissable experience.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Saturday

On a Saturday, the best place to watch the Ibiza sunset is from the Eden restaurant at the Hacienda Na Xamena hotel.

Hacienda Na Xamena is a 5-star hotel in the North of Ibiza, just outside the village of Sant Miguel and its restaurant, Eden, is regarded as the best sunset restaurant in Ibiza.

This amazing Ibiza sunset restaurant is open to the public, as well as hotel guests, and its location at the top of the cliffs on the North of the island gives it an incredible view of the sunset.

Eden restaurant is run by chef Fran Lopez who has two Michelin stars and the food is out of this world.

At the weekend, there is often a DJ or live musician performing in the Ibiza sunset restaurant during the sunset moment and their music is set to follow the sun as it dips into the sea.

If you want to have a truly incredible evening at Hacienda Na Xamena then we recommend that you book a spa package which includes The Cascadas Suspendidas and dinner.

The Cascadas Suspendidas is an amazing spa treatment and is a cross between a waterfall, a lazy river and a jacuzzi.

It is an outdoor treatment consisting of 8 different pools heated at different temperatures which provide high pressure hydro jet massages starting from the soles of your feet and finishing with your head.

The treatment lasts 45 minutes, but the total experience (taking into account check-in, the time you change, etc.) can last about 1 hour.

After relaxing in the Cascadas Suspendidas you will get to eat a delicious three course dinner in the Eden restaurant as the sun sets (drinks are not included).

Packages for the Cascadas Suspendidas and dinner start at €110 per person and you can book and find out more information on the La Posidonia Spa website.

This is the ultimate Ibiza sunset restaurant experience and is perfect for a romantic date, birthday treat or anniversary.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Sunday

If you are looking for a more authentic sunset beach Ibiza experience then the place you have to try is Benirras beach.

Every Sunday at sunset, drummers from around the world congregate on Benirras beach to play together as the sun sets into the sea.

When the drummers start playing, everybody on the beach gathers around to dance and celebrate the sunset together.

If you have heard of bongo beach and want to experience the sunset drums when you are in Ibiza then you need to get to Benirras beach on a Sunday.

Access to Benirras beach is by car or by bus.

Parking is very tricky on a Sunday and sometimes the police close the road leading to Benirras, so make sure you get to the beach early.

If you arrive at lunch time then you should be OK, but in the peak of summer you might want to arrive in the morning.

Benirras beach has a lot to offer.

The swimming is really amazing as the cove is protected from the elements. There are also little pedalo boats with slides that you can hire if you fancy exploring a bit further out to sea.

There is a mini hippy market next to the beach with a selection of stalls selling lots of wonderful crafts and clothes and inside Elements restaurant there is a small designer boutique.

On a Sunday, the beach is busy with a mix of Ibiza residents and tourists and if you want to be in the know, then here are a couple of tips to make your sunset beach Ibiza at Benirras even better.

Before you set off for Benirras sunset beach, head to a supermarket and pick up a picnic and some drinks (alcoholic and water) so that you have everything that you need for the day.

Other than the handful of restaurants, Benirras is very isolated so once you have found a parking spot you will not want to leave.

When you arrive at the beach, walk to the left and head past all of the sun loungers until you reach an area of sand that you can base yourself on for the day.

The drummers play on this side of the beach (under and around the shack near the fishing boat ramps) so it is the perfect place to be for when sunset arrives.

Although Benirras beach is commonly known as bongo beach in the UK community, the majority of the drums that the drummers play are from Africa and they are not bongos!

The drum you will see is called a djembe (pronounced Gem-Bee) so remember this if you start chatting to any of the musicians!

A little unknown secret of Benirras beach is that the little pizzeria “That Pizza Place”, just to the left of Elements, offers a take away service.

There is nothing better than enjoying a freshly cooked pizza on the beach as the sunset drums start playing.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Monday

On Monday, take a trip off the beaten track and watch the sunset from the Time and Space sculture at the top of the cliffs next to Cala Llentia.

Time and Space, commonly known as Ibiza Stonehenge, is a sculpture by Andrew Rogers commissioned by the founder of Cirque de Soleil.

The sculpture is a vision of time and space and the interconnectedness of humanity and is made up of thirteen solid basalt columns.

It has a centre column has a 23-carot gold tip and represents the sun and the other 12 columns represent the planets moving around the sun.

Completely away from the crowds, this unique sunset location has a deep sense of spirituality and peacefulness.

The sunset is magnificent from this spot and you have views across to the rock of Es Vedra, a place surrounded with myths and legends.

There are no facilities at this sunset location, so bring everything with you that you need (a picnic and some wine) and remember to take away any rubbish as there are no bins.

Time and Space is a very wild, rural and isolated location and you will be left with lasting impressions of this beautiful spot on the island.

At sunset you will not be completely alone, but there will not usually be more than a handful of other groups who have also made the journey.

To visit, you can either park at the beach at Cala Codolar where there are toilets and a restaurant (and then walk up the hill to the monument) or you can park directly behind the monument where there is a small amount of parking and easier access to the site along a rocky/gravel track.

Where to Watch The Sunset in Ibiza on a Tuesday

The best Ibiza sunset experience on a Tuesday is to hire a boat from Star Boat Hire in San Antonio and watch the sunset from sea.

Star Boat Hire is a self-drive boat hire company based in San Antonio, Ibiza.

You can hire a catamaran for the afternoon and watch the Ibiza sunset from the sea.

Their boats have the capacity for up to 6 people and you don’t need a boat license or any experience to sail which makes it an unforgettable experience.

This is one of the best Ibiza sunset experiences and you can keep costs down by going to the supermarket before you sail and bringing your own drinks and food onto the boat and storing them in the on-board cooler.

Boat hire is for half a day and the afternoon session is perfect for watching the sunset.

Start by sailing around the coastline to Cala Comte (don’t worry – they provide a map!) and on route, make sure you check out some of the incredible caves that can only be accessed by boat.

Each catamaran has a Canopy to give some protection against the sun and you can dive off the boat for a swim whenever you need to cool down. The bathing ladder on the boat makes it really easy to climb back on board.

When you get to Cala Comte, you can swim to shore and climb up onto the pier by Ses Roques restaurant

…and if you ask nicely, they will serve you the most delicious Paella in take away containers so that you can take them back to your boat.

You will then need to sail across the bay and head towards the sunset strip (Café Mambo and Café Del Mar).

Drop anchor in front of these iconic Ibiza sunset restaurants and enjoy watching the sun drop down into the sea as you listen to the music from the Café Mambo’s DJ drift across the water.