Casa Azul – Ibiza Villa Wedding Venues

Casa Azul is a luxury villa in Ibiza on the Port D’Es Torrent side of San Antonio Bay that can be hired for exclusive and intimate villa weddings.

[Blog post written by James, Ibiza Wedding DJ and owner of the Wedding DJ Agency – PianoDJ]

Casa Azul Ibiza Wedding Villa

Situated just on the outskirts of San Antonio Bay near Port D’Es Torrent, this luxury villa is a perfect location for an exclusive and intimate wedding.

It is on the edge of the town, so you have lots of great beaches and bars on your doorstep for the days before and after your wedding…

…but the moment you pull up the drive and into the private gated villa you feel a world away from everything and you have your own private space in Ibiza.

Casa Azul villa is available to hire from Saturday to Saturday and it is usually completely booked up by Christmas for the following summer.

Advance bookings are therefore essential – especially if you want to have your wedding in May/June or September/October when the hot Ibiza sun is not at it’s peak.

Bookings include Gary who looks after the villa and will be on hand to help with any questions / emergencies / problems.

He has looked after this villa for over 15 years and is a super helpful chap with amazing island knowledge. He is also fluent English speaking.

Most weddings take place on a Monday so that you have time to check in on Saturday, get everything set up on Sunday, have your wedding on Monday and then have Tuesday – Friday to enjoy the island.

Prices for the villa change depending on the season and the best way to find a price is by enquiring directly. There is a link at the bottom of this blog post.

Just so you know, on your wedding day, there is an additional surcharge for each non-resident guest (for each guest not staying at the villa).

The villa can accommodate intimate weddings for 4 guests and larger weddings for up to 150 guests.

Summary of Casa Azul Ibiza Wedding Villa

Casa Azul is a private villa in Ibiza that can be hired for private stays, yoga and fitnes retreats and weddings.

The villa boasts one of the largest private pools on the island and a large terrace to match.

It has air conditioned bedrooms with ensuite that can offer accommodation for 12-20 guests (depending on if you have families that are happy to share rooms, etc).

Two of these rooms are slightly apart from the main villa in a 2 bedroom cottage.

The best room (in our opinion) is the double room with pool view. It is slightly apart from the other rooms which offers privacy for your wedding night, and with sliding doors out onto the pool it offers the opportunity for a romantic midnight swim under the stars when everybody else has gone to bed.

Alongside the bedrooms, the villa has a large catering kitchen, a dining room with a long wooden table and a chillout inside lounge area.

NOTE: The villa has just been bought by new owners and the ownership will swap in November 2018. All of the furniture (inside and outside) will be replaced and from what we understand, it will look even more amazing!

Weddings at Casa Azul Villa

Casa Azul is a private wedding villa and when you book this villa for your wedding you are just hiring the property.

For your wedding you will need to arrange all of the other elements, from furniture hire (tables, chairs, etc) to food (catering) to music and decorations, etc.

You may want to consider hiring a wedding planner to help with all of this and if you chat to Gary then he will be only too happy to help with some recommendations of people who have worked at the villa before.

The overall vibe of a wedding at Casa Azul villa is a chilled out, relaxed, calm, intimate, beautiful wedding.

Casa Azul has a tourist license which means that it can be hired out.

Casa Azul does NOT have an entertainment license so it is not a party venue / club.

In Ibiza there is a big difference at the moment.

The rules on music have become super strict.

Venues in Ibiza with entertainment licenses have strict volume restrictions on outside music and all outside music has to stop at midnight…and this includes the superclubs and famous beach bars.

At venues with entertainment licenses, the music can continue inside until later.

Villas with private tourist licenses have no right to play music outside or inside and if somebody makes a complaint to the police about any music (at any time of day) then the police will arrive at the villa and give a warning and ask for the music to be turned down or turned off.

If this warning is ignored then they will return to the villa and confiscated the music equipment and issue a huge fine for €1000’s.

They may also take away the tourist license from the villa.

As a result, Casa Azul (and all privately owned villas in Ibiza) are very cautious about any music for partying.

The recommendation is to have your wedding reception at the villa and then for the guests who want to have a huge party to hire a minibus and head to one of the amazing clubs on the island.

Wedding Ceremony at Casa Azul Ibiza Wedding Villa

Casa Azul is a completely private wedding villa, so you have the flexibility to pick the time for your wedding ceremony.

We would recommend 4pm so that your wedding ceremony starts after the main heat of the day has passed.

At Casa Azul, there is a separate outside area that is covered by a tent-like fabric under which you can have your wedding ceremony.

This will offer shade to you and your guests and it creates a really intimate little space for your ceremony.

For your ceremony music, you can hire in a live musician to play romantic background music and if you want beautiful piano music then you can hire Ibiza wedding pianist and wedding DJ James to play his white grand piano for your ceremony.

Wedding Reception at Casa Azul Ibiza Wedding Villa

After your wedding ceremony, you can enjoy drinks and photos around the pool before sitting down to eat on the poolside terrace for your wedding meal.

There is space on the terrace to set up round tables with umbrellas (for shade) around the pool for up to 150 guests.

A really cool option for music is to book James to continue playing the piano for your wedding reception.

He can play really cool chillout piano covers of Ibiza house tracks, commercial house tracks, UK chart music, love songs, etc.

The volume of the piano is perfect for background music and it is really discrete and unlikely to get any complaints from residents.

James is splits his time between the UK and Ibiza and for weddings at Casa Azul he offers a wedding pianist and wedding DJ Ibiza service.

Casa Azul wedding villa Ibiza wedding reception around pool

IMPORTANT: If your plan to use glassware for your drinks then you need to be aware that if you break a glass and it goes into the pool then you will be liable for a €3000+ fine to cover the cost of draining all of the water from the pool and replacing it. In Ibiza, water is more expensive than beer and the cost of this is huge. We recommend using plastic glasses!!

After Party at Casa Azul Ibiza Wedding Villa

After you have finished eating and enjoying the food, it is quite fun to enjoy cocktails and champagne around the pool with a slightly upbeat, but still background DJ set from James.

As well as DJing for over 2000 weddings in the UK and Ibiza, James DJ’s in Ibiza at Eden, Es Paradis, Sesion, BN3 & more.

He has a really cool selection of music that will get you and your friends ready for heading out for a big party at a club.

If you want to head out to a club then depending on how many guests want to come, James can arrange discounted tickets (possibly free entry), discounted VIP tables and you might even get to see him DJ and join him behind the DJ booth as a special wedding treat!

Chat to him about your ideas and he can put together a really awesome night out for you and your friends and family.

Find out more about Ibiza Wedding DJ James and the options for after parties in the Ibiza superclubs.

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