Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue Cap Des Falco Ses Salinas

Experimental Beach Ibiza might just be my favourite beach wedding venue in Ibiza. It has a simple, stripped back charm with a nautical twist and you can get married on the beach, watch the sun set behind the mountains and dance outside under the stars..

[Blog post written by James, Ibiza Wedding DJ and owner of the Wedding DJ Agency – PianoDJ]

Experimental Beach Ibiza wedding venue in Ses Salines with ceremony on the beach.

Experimental Beach Wedding Venue Ibiza

Situated inside the natural park of Ses Salines, only a short drive from Ibiza Airport, Experimental Beach is perched on a remote beach in a beautiful and peaceful location far away from the visiting tourists.

The venue is sign posted from the main road and when you turn off the main road, you will have a 10 minute drive along dirt tracks to the venue.

Along the drive, your route will wind through the Ibiza salt flats and salt mountain (salt production is how Ibiza got the name The White Isle) and if you are getting married in August / September / October then you will probably see large flocks of pink Flamingos that come to live in Ibiza for the winter.

Cap Des Falco beach is usually really quiet because of the remote location and the only passers by are the occasional group of walkers or bird watchers.

Experimental Beach Ibiza is a super relaxed and calm restaurant and beach club that can be hired exclusively for weddings.

As you walk through the tables at the venue, you gradually find yourself on the beach and it feels as if the whole venue is part of the beach.

During a normal day, there will be comfy beds and beach furniture for you to chill on the beach and on a wedding day, this is swapped for white pew-like benches for your wedding ceremony.

Weddings in Ibiza usually happen later in the day than UK weddings and similar to most Ibiza restaurant wedding venues, Experimental Beach Ibiza will be open to the public until after the lunch service is finished.

At this point, you will get exclusive use of the venue for your wedding and they will rearrange all of the furniture to meet your wedding requirements.

Experimental Beach Ibiza only have a small number of weddings every year which makes it a really special and unique venue for weddings and couples fly in from all over the world to have their wedding at this beach wedding venue in Ibiza.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Ibiza that feels completely true to the hippy-chic bohemian vibe of Ibiza and you want to be surrounded by nature, the sea, sand and mountains then this is the most perfect place!

Summary of Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue

Experimental Beach Ibiza is a Beach Restaurant that is right on one of the most peaceful small beaches in Ibiza.

The venue is on one level and has an open plan feel.

It is split into several areas – a decked area for eating ands drinking, a small beach for the ceremony, an outside bar made from an old boat, a sandy open air dance floor and a traditional Ibiza building that is used for dancing after midnight and is home to the restaurant kitchen.

Experimental Beach Ibiza is prepared for the occasional Ibiza summer days that have a rain shower and the main decked area has a canopy that covers the tables and chairs.

The wedding ceremony takes place on the beach, the drinks reception takes place around the boat bar, the meal is served on the decking, the first part of the dancing take place outside on the sandy dance floor and the late night dancing (after midnight) takes place inside.

This is definitely an outside venue and music can go on until 2am.

Experimental Beach allows live music and DJs and we recommend having a pianist playing on the beach for your wedding ceremony, a saxophonist for your drinks reception, chilled funky DJ vibes for your meal, piano and DJ for the sunset and then a high energy saxophone, bongos and DJ set for the night.

PianoDJ are welcomed at Experimental Beach Ibiza and you can hire your Ibiza wedding DJ and musicians for your Ibiza wedding.

Weddings at Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue

The wedding planner at Experimental Beach is called Silvia who is really welcoming and she speaks really good English.

Weddings include everything that you need for a great day – the tableware, table linen, chairs, food, drinks, etc.

You’ll then need to hire your music and entertainment, your photographer, flowers, transportation, etc.

As Experimental Beach Ibiza is in a very rural location, it is recommended to pre-book taxis / minibus for your guests so that they have a way to get back to their hotel at the end of the night.

At a recent wedding at Experimental Beach Ibiza, the couple booked one set of taxis at 1:30am for the guests who wanted to go back to the hotel and they booked another set of taxis at 2:00am for the guests who wanted to go to Pacha and keep the party going!

Experimental Beach will be able to offer you help and advise you about wedding suppliers that they can recommend, but you also have complete freedom to choose your own and bring in your own external suppliers.

Weddings at Experimental Beach Ibiza run from May until the beginning of October and the wedding day usually starts at 5.30/6pm and finishes at 2am.

Experimental Beach is a really good fit for weddings with between 30 – 100 guests.

Wedding Ceremony at Experimental Beach Ibiza

One of the biggest attractions of Experimental Beach Ibiza is that you can get married on the beach.

Wedding ceremony on the beach at Experimental Beach Ibiza

Getting married on the beach in Ibiza is often a dream for couples – but there are not many venues that are able to offer this truly magical experience.

As your guests arrive at the venue, you can hire a DJ to play chilled Balearic vibes to set the theme for the super magical wedding ceremony that is about to happen.

Wedding DJ playing chilled Balearic vibes as guests arrive for a wedding at Experimental Beach Ibiza

For beach weddings at Experimental Beach, PianoDJ can provide a white grand piano shell and an Ibiza wedding pianist to play for your walk down the aisle, signing of the register and exit song.

Wedding Drinks Reception at Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue

After your wedding ceremony, the venue will open up their really cool bar that is made from an old boat and your guests will get an hour or so to enjoy a drinks reception with canapés.

During the drinks reception, there will be lots of opportunities for photos on the beach and to enjoy the beautiful location.

Your guests will also be able to shelter under the shade canopy if the sun is particularly strong.

Drinks reception at Experimental Beach Ibiza with saxophone player

The most popular music option for a drinks reception is a saxophone player to play really cool chilled Ibiza vibes as your guests are enjoying amazing cocktails and cava.

Ibiza wedding saxophonist for drinks reception at Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue.

PianoDJ regularly provide Ibiza saxophonists for drinks receptions at Experimental Beach Ibiza.

Wedding Breakfast at Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue

Experimental Beach Ibiza is a beach club and restaurant and it has a really special reputation for incredible, fresh, healthy and delicious food.

It is a place that residents on the island visit for super special occasions or romantic dinners and visitors to the island always return back here year after year once they have discovered this incredible place.

During your wedding meal, you can hire an Ibiza DJ to play chilled vibes as you enjoy the most amazing food.

Wedding DJ playing for meal at Experimental Beach Ibiza

Sunset at Experimental Beach Ibiza Wedding Venue

At some point during your meal, you will get to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the whole of Ibiza.

The sun sets behind the mountains and the reflections of the sun and mountains on the sea and the amazing display of colours in the sky make this one of my favourite places to watch the Ibiza sunset.

During the sun set, your guests will probably feel moved to leave their tables and walk onto the beach to take photos and to share the magical moment with the people they love.

The sunset in Ibiza is very special and it is really important to get the music right for your Ibiza sunset moment at Experimental Beach Ibiza.

I recommend hiring a pianist to play the piano alongside a melodic deep house DJ set that follows the sun as it sets into the sea.

You will have that most incredible spine tingling sensation and a memory that will last for ever.

Guests enjoying a magical sunset moment at Experimental Beach Ibiza

Dancing and Party at Experimental Beach Ibiza

Experimental Beach Ibiza have two different DJ booths that both get used for weddings.

The first DJ booth is inside a hatch in the main building and this is linked to a sound system that runs all around the outside area of the venue.

For wedding DJ bookings at Experimental Beach Ibiza, PianoDJ provide higher spec Pioneer CDJs and mixer than the ones installed in the DJ hatch at the venue and this is included in the price of the DJ booking.

Ibiza wedding DJ set up inside the hatch at Experimental Beach Ibiza

The second DJ booth is inside the main building and this is used area is for the dancing after midnight.

To make sure that there is no interruption of music between the first and the second DJ booth (no unplugging and moving of equipment), PianoDJ provide a second set of decks (a Pioneer controller) for the DJ to use for the last two hours of the night.

Ibiza wedding DJ set up ready for dancing inside at Experimental Beach Ibiza

For the inside dancing area, PianoDJ will also provide a sound system and lighting rig so that the room becomes a really exciting space for the late night partying.

Unusually for an Ibiza wedding venue, at Experimental Beach Ibiza, the music can be played nice and loud inside their venue for the dancing between midnight and 2am.

Wedding DJ Ibiza inside DJ booth from the front at Experimental Beach Ibiza

After dinner, the dancing gets started straight away outside on the decking and you get to party under the stars until midnight.

Depending on what you have planned for your first dance (if you have learnt a dance routine or not), you can choose to take your first dance on either the decking or the sand.

First Dance played by wedding DJ at Experimental Beach Ibiza

After the first dance, guests will tend to dance on the sand in front of the DJ hatch and you can party outside until midnight.

You are also allowed live musicians to play outside and this can be a really cool way to get the party started after the first dance by booking a saxophone player and bongo player to work alongside your DJ and add lots of energy to the party.

Wedding guests dancing on the sand next to the DJ hatch at Experimental Beach Ibiza

At midnight, the live music has to stop and the DJ has to move inside to the indoor dancing area.

To make this work really effectively, at midnight we switch on lots of awesome lighting and turn on the louder music in the inside dancing room and this attracts the attention of the guests who all immediately come inside to carry on the party.

Dancing inside with wedding DJ at Experimental Beach Ibiza

The inside dancing area at Experimental Beach Ibiza is an amazing room. It is intimate, the music sounds great in the space and it is really easy to get a great party going.

In no time at all, the room will be full up with guests dancing and having the time of their lives.

Full dance floor and great wedding DJ music at Experimental Beach wedding venue.

It is really helpful that the dancing room has doors that open up onto the outside decking so that guests can take little breaks to cool down on super hot days and it provides a really nice separation so that the ravers can be inside partying hard and any relatives that prefer chilling out can sit on the comfy chairs on the decking and watch from outside.

Music has to stop at 2am which, for Ibiza wedding venues, is actually a super generous end time and if you want to keep the party going then there is always the option of an after party at Pacha!

This is hands down my favourite beach wedding venue in Ibiza.

More information and prices about the PianoDJ Ibiza wedding DJ and musicians can be found online.

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