Pura Vida Beach Wedding Venue Niu Blau Beach near Santa Eulária

Pura Vida is an adorable beachside restaurant, just outside Santa Eularia on the south of the island, literally one step from the beach and sea.

[Blog post written by James, Ibiza Wedding DJ and owner of the Wedding DJ Agency – PianoDJ]

Pura Vida wedding venue set up for a beach wedding ceremony.

Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Wedding Venue Ibiza

Located just a few minutes outside the family-friendly town of Santa Eulalia, Pura Vida is located on a quiet section of beach front away from the visiting tourists.

The venue is sign posted from the main road and when you arrive, there is a large dusty carpark and a smaller drop off point / carpark right next to the back of the venue.

Playa Nie Blau is a beautiful beach, and although it is open to the public, it is usually really quiet as it is off the beaten track.

The beach is really wide and on the right hand side has an amazing tree swing which fits two people and is perfect for a romantic moment in the evening.

Pura Vida restaurant is super chilled and rustic chic.

It is literally on the beach and you can even have your ceremony on the beach if you choose Pura Vida for your wedding.

Just like most Ibiza restaurants, on the day of your wedding Pura Vida will be open to the public until after the lunch service is finished.

At this point, the restaurant will shut down and they will turn it around and make it look beautiful for your wedding.

Pura Vida usually hold 20 weddings a year at the restaurant and this gives Beata and her team the perfect amount of time to focus on each wedding and make it really special.

They have to literally shut down Amante for your wedding and it is a super exclusive and prestigious place to have a wedding.

If you are looking for a unique, incredible, one-of a kind, bespoke, draw-dropping venue for your wedding then this is definitely it!

Weddings can take place in May, June, September and October and on any day Monday – Saturday.

Summary of Pura Vida Beach Wedding Venue

Pura Vida is a Beach Restaurant in Ibiza this is literally one step away from the beach.

The venue is on one level and features a large decked outside area for the first part of the wedding and a smaller inside area for the late evening.

Pura Vida is so calm and peaceful and the outside area has a shade canopy which is essential for the hot summer months and it also acts as a rain cover for the occasional summer shower.

The ceremony takes place on the beach, the drinks reception, meal and first part of dancing take place outside on the decking and the late night dancing (after midnight) takes place inside.

This is definitely an outside venue and music can go on until 2am.

Pura Vida allows live music and DJs and you can choose from a piano on the beach to a saxophone for the drinks reception, to bongos and DJ for the night.

PianoDJ are welcomed at Pura Vida and you can hire your Ibiza wedding DJ and musicians from PianoDJ.

Weddings at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Venue in Ibiza

The wedding planner at Pura Vida is called Beata who is lovely and she speaks really good English and works really hard to get everything just perfect for each wedding.

Weddings include everything that you need for a great day – the tableware, table linen, chairs, food, drinks, etc.

You’ll then need to hire your music and entertainment, your photographer, flowers, transportation, etc.

Pura Vida have a trusted list of recommended suppliers that you can choose from…or you can bring in your own external supplier.

Weddings at Pura Vida run from the middle of April until the middle of November and the day usually starts at 5.30/6pm and finishes at 2am.

Pura Vida is a really good fit for weddings with between 50 – 80 guests.

Wedding Ceremony at Pura Vida

One of the main reasons that couples choose Pura Vida for their wedding is so that they can have their wedding ceremony on the beach.

Wedding ceremony on the beach in Ibiza at Pura Vida

This is really unique for Ibiza as not many venues offer a beach ceremony and it makes for an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

For beach weddings at Pura Vida, PianoDJ can provide a white grand piano shell and an Ibiza wedding pianist to play for your walk down the aisle, signing of the register and exit song.

Wedding Drinks Reception at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Wedding Venue in Ibiza

After your wedding ceremony, you will move off the beach and onto the decking to enjoy a 60 minute drinks reception.

During the drinks reception, there will be lots of opportunities for photos on the beach and to enjoy the beautiful location.

A popular music option for the drinks reception is a roaming musician such a saxophone player who can move around the decking and mingle with guests.

Ibiza wedding saxophone for drinks reception at Pura Vida Beach Wedding Venue.

PianoDJ regularly provide Ibiza saxophone players for drinks receptions at Pura Vida.

Wedding Breakfast at Pura Vida Beach Restaurant Wedding Venue in Ibiza

Pura Vida is primarily a restaurant and has an incredible reputation with Ibiza residents as one of the best restaurants in the Santa Eularia area.

The food is delicious, attention to detail is high and the service is really good…

…and I think the best burger that I have ever eaten was at Pura Vida!

During your wedding meal, you can hire a pianist to play romantic or chillout background piano music or you can hire a DJ to play a cool chillout set with Balaeric Ibiza vibes.

Wedding DJ at Pura Vida Beach Venue in Ibiza

Pura Vida have a DJ booth and this is linked to an installed sound system that runs throughout the venue.

For wedding DJ bookings at Pura Vida, PianoDJ provide higher spec Pioneer CDJs and mixer than the ones installed at the venue and this is included in the price of the DJ booking.

Find out more about hiring an Ibiza wedding pianist or DJ for your wedding at Pura Vida.

Dancing and Party at Amante Wedding Venue Ibiza

After dinner, the dancing gets started straight away outside on the decking and you get to party under the stars until midnight.

At midnight, the DJ booth rotates (it is on wheels) and the dancing continues inside until 2am.

Just like a traditional UK wedding, the evening can start with a first dance or if you would just like to get the party started then we can miss out the first dance altogether – completely up to you.

Ibiza wedding DJ first dance at Pura Vida Beach wedding venue.

After the first dance, your wedding DJ will work really hard to get as many people dancing together as possible.

It is likely that you will have guests of all ages and everybody at your wedding will want to have a dance with you at some point on your wedding night.

Family dancing together at Pura Vida wedding beach venue in Ibiza.

For Ibiza weddings, most couples choose to add live musicians to the DJ set and the two that we recommend are saxophone and bongo players.

Saxophone and bongo player join DJ for dancing at Pura Vida Ibiza beach wedding venue.

All live music has to finish before 11:30pm at Pura Vida so our Ibiza musicians usually play a 90minute set from 10pm – 11:30pm.

After the live music and DJ, some couples choose to arrange a fire act on the beach as an added surprise for guests and during this time the DJ booth can be moved and the inside room made ready for the party to continue until 2am.

Fire show at Pura Vida beach wedding venue in Ibiza

The inside room at Pura Vida is air conditioned and it has a bar running along the length of the dance floor.

For weddings at Pura Vida, PianoDJ provide uplighters and moving head club lights for the inside room to make it feel more like a club.

This get more people up dancing!!

More information and prices about the PianoDJ Ibiza wedding DJ and musicians can be found online.

Pura Vida Beach Wedding Venue Contact Details

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