The thought of having your first dance played on a piano is a wonderful idea and this can work really well in setting a romantic and memorable atmosphere for your first dance as a married couple.

As we often get asked if having your first dance played on a piano works well, we wanted to write some helpful advice on the ways we think it would work best if you were to choose this for your wedding day.

The first time that we provided a piano and pianist to play a first dance, we also DJ’d the couples evening reception. The biggest challenge we found was to change from such a delicate atmosphere created by the piano, to an instant party atmosphere when the DJ took over.

To avoid such a possible abrupt change of feel to your evening, we would suggest that the first dance (played on the piano), take place beforeĀ the cake cutting. Your guests will have just enjoyed the wedding breakfast and be in a relaxed mood, which would then perfectly lead into your special moment.

By doing this at this stage of the day, it would also not take away from the atmosphere that would be created by the piano during the song.

You would then be able to cut your wedding cake while the DJ took over and played a suitable slow to mid tempo song to begin the change of mood for the party section of your evening.

To start the evening dancing, you could then choose to include a dance with a parent, or maybe play a slow dance and invite all of the couples at your wedding to join you on the dance floor. Alternatively you could choose to go straight into a big party tune to get all of your guests up and dancing.

You wedding day should be filled with all of the things you have dreamed of and if that includes your first dance being played live on a piano, then we would be more than happy to make this a reality for you. By following the advice above, we will ensure that your first dance is a moment that you will remember forever.

Please do contact us if this is something you would like to discuss in more detail with a member of our team.