Portable Grand Piano Shell for Hire with Your Pianist

Hire a Portable Black Baby Grand Piano Shell with Your Pianist

If you don’t like the look of a keyboard on a stand then you can upgrade the look of the keyboard by adding a portable grand piano shell to your booking.

The baby grand piano shell is a fibreglass case with legs that your pianist can put their keyboard inside to transform the look of a keyboard on a stand into the look of a stylish grand piano.

A Baby Grand Piano Shell is Easily Transported by Your Pianist

The baby grand piano shells that our pianists use are lightweight and easy to transport by just one person. This means that your pianist can bring it to your wedding and no piano movers have to be paid.

This makes a grand piano shell cheaper and more affordable than hiring a traditional grand piano.

As the baby grand piano shell is also more portable than a traditional grand piano, it can also be carried up stairs…even up to the top of the Gherkin in London!

Grand Piano Shells can be used for Outside Ceremonies and Receptions

Unlike our traditional digital grand pianos, if you hire a grand piano shell then it can be used outside.

This makes it super amazing for outside ceremonies and for summer drinks receptions.

Our pianists prefer playing a grand piano shell than a keyboard on a stand for outside wedding receptions because the piano shell offers the keyboard protection from the sun (so the keyboard does not get too hot to play) and from the rain (if it starts to shower).

How Much Does a Grand Piano Shell Cost?

The additional cost to add a digital grand piano shell onto your piano booking is currently £300. [Price correct on 7th June 2017].

The breakdown for this £300 is as follows:

  • £50 – VAT
  • £50 – large vehicle hire to transport the piano
  • £50 – travel time and expenses to collect the piano shell from our warehouse
  • £50 – maintenance, wear and tear and regular replacement of the piano shell
  • £50 – profit for the pianist
  • £50 – profit for PianoDJ

If you would like to add a piano shell onto your booking then please chat with James to check availability for your wedding. Availability is currently extremely limited due to popularity.

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