Looking for a wedding budget calculator? You are in the right place. Your wedding costs are one of the most important thing you will ever need to plan. With out proper planning your budget will get blown in no time! Use our guide to build up a rough idea of what your budget will buy you. When you are done, if you want to keep a record of all your hard work we can send a copy of this budget to your email address.


Plan Your Wedding with our wedding budget calculator



Step One – What is your budget?

£ What is your overall budget?


Step Two – How much do you want to spend on what?

£ Venue
£ Catering
£ Photographer
£ Entertainment
£ Cake
£ Flowers
£ Drinks
£ Engagement Ring

£ Wedding Rings
£ Car Hire
£ Wedding Dress
£ Stationery
£ Shoes
£ Honeymoon
£ Veil and Headdress
£ Special Lingerie
£ Jewellery
£ His Outfit
£ Attendants Outfits
£ Attendants Gifts
£ Cosmetics
£ Videographer
£ Toastmaster
£ Other


£ Total Cost of Wedding


Step three- Review how much you have spent against your budget

£ Your Total Budget
£ How Much Money is Left
£ How Much Money to Save

Step four – Send yourself a copy of your budget

Once you are happy with your budget send it to yourself for your records.



Here is a copy of your wedding budget

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