DJ for Wedding

Are you looking to hire the best DJ for wedding who will play your favourite music and blow your guests away?

The couples that choose PianoDJ are usually big fans of music and are looking for good, non-cheesy wedding DJ hire.

Wedding DJ at Hazel Gap Barn in Nottinghamshore.

Hire a Wedding DJ

PianoDJ is a specialist DJ for wedding agency that helps nearly 1000 couples a year with DJs for Weddings.

The couples that choose PianoDJ usually have a huge passion for music and want an incredible DJ for their wedding in the UK or Europe.

If music is important to you and you are looking for great music and a non-cheesy wedding DJ then you might just have found it!

You can choose between wedding DJ James if you are a big fan of electronic dance music...

...or one of our 5 exclusive DJs for Weddings if you want a more family friendly wedding with a whole range of music.

Best DJ For Wedding

PianoDJ represent James who is the UK's most exciting wedding DJ.

James has DJ'd at over 2000 weddings across Europe as well performing in Ibiza for Es Paradis, Eden, PukkaUp, Bay Bar, Sesion and BN3.

His unique style of DJing combines House Music, UK Garage, DnB and EDM with recognisable samples from well known Disco, Soul, Motown, Funk, 80s and 90s anthems.

DJ for Wedding - Latest Mix

In October, Bride Magazine asked James to record a mix of the top 20 Ibiza house tracks from 2018 that will be filling dance floors at weddings over the next six months.

The mix starts with disco house and then progresses through house, vocal house and tech house.

It broke into the official DJ charts on MixCloud, charting 30th in Funky House, 32nd in Nu-Disco, 36th in Vocal House and 44th in Disco.

DJ James and Phil Sax

Your chance to book one of the UK’s most exciting multi-format DJs and one of the world’s best saxophone players.

James and Phil are the headline act at Ibiza's brand new sunset party - CIXADA. They will be playing every Wednesday in 2019 from 5th June to 25th September.

As a duo they split their time between playing at weddings around Europe for couples who love music and playing at beach bars, pool parties and ski festivals around the world.

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LIVE VIDEO: James and Phil in Ibiza

Watch an hour long commercial house set performed live by James DJ and Phil Sax.

It was filmed live at the luxury 5-star Hacienda Na Xamena wedding venue in Ibiza.

If you are getting married in Ibiza and are looking to hire a wedding DJ then we have a separate webpage about our Ibiza Wedding DJ services.

Exclusive DJ for Wedding

PianoDJ have a small team of 5 exclusive DJs for weddings that are available to hire in the UK and Europe.

These DJs are perfect for couples who want a really good wedding disco with a mix of different music for their wedding.

Each exclusive DJ has been handpicked and trained by the owner of PianoDJ and they love the challenge of getting guests of different ages dancing together.

LIVE VIDEO: Exclusive DJ, Sax & Bongos

If you want to make your evening party even more exciting then you can hire a wedding DJ with a saxophonist and bongo player to work alongside them.

Most of your guests will be expecting a traditional wedding disco and when the saxophone and bongos start playing they will be blown away.

More people dance at weddings when a sax and bongo player work alongside the DJ.

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We hired PianoDJ for our wedding and we cannot express enough how amazing they were!

James our DJ was incredible!

Martin loved the garage set and I simply loved ALL of it! James read the room so well and played the type of music we had asked for - which was brilliant!

I barely stopped dancing all night! So in short. The day was perfect! And our music was sensational.

If anyone is unsure who to book for their wedding - don't hesitate to book PianoDJ!"

[Cerys and Martin]

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Should You Hire a Wedding DJ from PianoDJ?

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Wedding disco at the Reid Rooms, a couple enjoying their first dance.

Wedding DJ agency for wedding in Essex at the Reid Rooms with lots of dancing and fun. Great DJ.

"I used to DJ full time and know plenty of DJs who could have DJ'd at my wedding for free.

However, I saw James play a few years ago and loved how he gets involved in the evening. He mixes tracks from different genres together, engaging the crowd and showing his passion for music and entertaining the audience.

I have had so many people compliment me on how great the music was. It was sensational.

If you are looking for someone that's committed to music and entertaining your crowd then these are your guys. Thank you so much." .

[James and Jo]

DJ for Wedding James


Throughout July, August and September, James performs regularly in Ibiza.

This includes performances at Es Paradis, Eden, Hush, Plastik, Bora Bora and with boat party brands Pukka Up and Beautiful People.

During this time, James will have limited availability for weddings in the UK.

If you want to book James for your wedding in July, August or September then you need to book as far in advance as possible.

Wedding DJ Agency - James DJ with white custom void acoustic sound system.

Why Hire James to DJ for your Wedding?

James started PianoDJ in 2006 and has personally DJ'd at over 2000 weddings.

During this time, he has built up an incredible collection of music and a knowledge of how and when to play these tracks in order to get the most people dancing.

James has developed a unique style of DJing that combines House Music, UK Garage, DnB and EDM with recognisable samples from well known Disco, Soul, Motown, Funk, 80s and 90s anthems.

He performs insane remixes and mashups live on the night at your wedding, looking at who is dancing and combining tracks that will keep them dancing with the music that you love.

The ultimate success is raving to your favourite music alongside your nan.

Find out James DJ prices and check availability.

Couples Choose James Because...

  • Music is important and they want a DJ who will enjoy spending time preparing for their wedding and surrouding themselves in the music that they love.
  • They hate the idea of a cheesy DJ who will talk on the mic and play party songs.
  • They want somebody with lots of experience (over 2000 weddings) who they can trust to put in charge of the second half of their wedding.
  • They love House, Garage, DnB, EDM or other dance music and they want to find a way to have it at their wedding that will include the rest of their family.
  • They have done some DJing themselves or have friends who are DJs and they want a "real" DJ who can really mix and impress their guests rather than a laptop DJ standing behind a sparkly towel.
  • They have amazing memories from holidays in Ibiza and they want a taste of this at their wedding.
  • They want to dance all night at their wedding and they want to be excited about having one of the UKs best DJs playing at their wedding.

James DJ cost and check availability for your wedding.

What is Included When You Hire James?

James is a multi-format DJ personally recommended by over 40 exclusive wedding venues across the UK and Europe, including the Gherkin in London.

DJ for Wedding Agency represent professional DJ James for weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, London, UK and Europe.

James - Your DJ

You get James to DJ for your evening reception from 7pm(ish) until the end of the night.

James will start the night with a warm up set and when you are ready, he will announce your cake cutting, first dance and any other traditional dances.

After these wedding traditions, James will work really hard to play the music you love and get as many of your guests dancing as possible.

Void Acoustics Sound System

Void Acoustics speakers are ranked in the world's top 5 best sound systems for electronic dance music.

Notable clubs with a Void Acoustics sound system include: Sankeys Ibiza, AIR Amsterdam, DC-10 Ibiza, Studio 338 London, Bora Bora Ibiza, Mixmag Los Angeles, London Lab and Ocean Beach Ibiza.

Pioneer DJ Hardware

James usually performs using a Pioneer DDJ-SZ mixer and a Pioneer RMX-1000 remix station for live remixes, edits and effects.

For weddings alongside international artists (e.g. DJ Luck and MC Neat), James performs using two Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2 and a DJM900 NXS2 Mixer.

For weddings abroad, you have the option of hiring an additional seat on the aeroplane for James to bring his DJ controllers or you can hire equipment locally.

DJ for Wedding agency provides the professional disco for all weddings at Maidens Barn.

Computer Controlled Lighting Rig

James uses a minimal and stylish lighting rig that looks great in first dance photos and creates an awesome atmosphere throughout the night.

Lighting includes 2 moving club lights, the PianoDJ signature heart light DJ booth and 4 decorative uplighters.

A crew member will work alongside James throughout the night and mix the lighting effects in time with the music to increase the impact of every drop and breakdown.

Crew Member

A crew member is included in each booking to help James with the set up / pack down of equipment, to mix the lighting during the evening, to take requests from guests when James is mixing and to act as an emergency backup DJ if James is taken ill mid-set.

For weddings at the Gherkin or other venues with challenging access requirements, 2 or more crew members may be required.

Afternoon Equipment Set Up

James DJs most days in the wedding season (May-October) and his daily routine is: Morning - Sleep; Afternoon - Travel to Venue and Set Up; Evening - DJ; Late Night - Travel Home.

If you require a morning set up then we would need to pay for a driver and crew member to set up the equipment in the morning. This is possible but it is an additional cost.

Wedding Disco Agency - the resident DJs at Maidens Barn. Lots of dancing!

"Thank you for the amazing music.

You were absolutely brilliant and we had so many compliments.

James you are a brilliant DJ and our dance floor was never empty - not even once!

You made it impossible not to dance and there was a song that made every single person be up and on their feet during the evening.

Thank you for making our wedding incredible.".

[Kayleigh and Joe]

Exclusive Wedding DJ

PianoDJ have a small team of exclusive DJs for weddings that each perform for 70-100 weddings a year.

These DJs have all been handpicked and trained by James (owner of PianoDJ) and are exclusive to PianoDJ.

You cannot hire these DJs from any other agency.

Why Hire an Exclusive DJ from PianoDJ?

You get everything that you need for a fantastic disco at your wedding. You get an experienced multi-format DJ, a professional sound system, a computer controlled lighting rig and wireless venue uplighters.

All of the equipment is state-of-the-art and owned by PianoDJ, it is extremely reliable and maintained regularly, our DJs carry spare parts and PianoDJ carry out PAT testing annually.

The DJs are full of energy and enthusiasm and they love the challenge of getting a group of people dancing.

As well as being brilliant DJs and incredible musicians, they are friendly, caring and hard working. Your DJ will take the time to look after you and make sure that you have a brilliant time.

You know that they are going to do a good job because each DJ has been handpicked by James and trained in the PianoDJ style for over a year.

Find out Exclusive DJ prices and check availability.

Wedding Disco agency first dance at Maidens Barn Essex.

In the run up to your wedding you will submit a music request form that tells us about the music you love and the music you hate.

At your wedding, your DJ will play all of your favourite songs and make sure that they don't play any of the songs on your must avoid list - even if one of your guests requests them.

It won’t take your DJ long to discover which styles of music will get all of your guests up dancing and they will mix in your requests with more killer tracks to keep the dance floor full all night long.

All of our DJs are approachable and friendly people and this means that your guests will feel comfortable making requests on the night.

Our DJs are well-spoken and confident on a microphone and they will be happy to make important announcements (such as your cake cutting, first dance, etc) during the evening.

Exclusive DJ cost and check availability for your wedding.

DJ for wedding getting lots of people dancing for a wedding disco at Maidens Barn in Essex.

What is Included When You Hire an Exclusive DJ?

Your DJ

You get one of the PianoDJ exclusive wedding DJs for your evening reception from 7pm(ish) until the end of the night.

They will start the night with a warm up set and when you are ready, they will announce your cake cutting, first dance and any other traditional dances.

After these wedding traditions, your DJ will work really hard to play the music you love and get as many of your guests dancing as possible.

Computer Controlled Lighting Rig

Our DJs use a minimal and stylish lighting rig that looks great in first dance photos and creates an awesome atmosphere throughout the night.

Lighting includes 2 moving club lights, the PianoDJ signature heart light DJ booth and 4 decorative uplighters.

A crew member will work alongside your DJ throughout the night and mix the lighting effects in time with the music to increase the impact of every drop and breakdown.

Pioneer DJ Hardware

Our DJs all perform using Pioneer DJ controllers with Serato DJ software and you will find either a Pioneer DDJ-SZ or a Pioneer DDJ-SX mixer in their DJ booth.

PianoDJ providing a professional disco for a first dance at Blake Hall wedding venue in Essex.

Mackie HDA Sound System

Mackie HDA Speakers are high definition speakers that sound amazing. They are designed for high-end touring mobile DJ / live band rigs or small local music festivals and will sound better than or as good as any sound system used by our competitors.

If sound quality is super important to you then you could consider hiring James for your wedding as he tours with a Void Acoustics sound system.

Crew Member

A crew member is included in each booking to help your DJ with the set up / pack down of equipment, to mix the lighting during the evening, to take requests from guests when your DJ is mixing and to act as an emergency backup DJ if they are taken ill mid-set.

Afternoon Equipment Set Up

Our DJs perform most days in the wedding season (May-October) and their daily routine is: Morning - Sleep; Afternoon - Travel to Venue and Set Up; Evening - DJ; Late Night - Travel Home.

If you require a morning set up then we would need to pay for a driver and crew member to set up the equipment in the morning.

This is possible but it is an additional cost.

Wedding DJ agency professional discos with lots of guests dancing at Blake Hall wedding venue in Essex.

"The music was great and the dance floor was full all night. Our DJ was friendly and approachable but also not too vocal on the microphone which was something we'd asked to keep to a minimum.

So many guests with musical backgrounds who are usually hard to please told me how good our DJ was!

Initially I was unsure about going with a DJ rather than a band but PianoDJ were the perfect choice and...

...I still have blisters on my feet to prove it!".

[Charlotte and Adam]

Local DJs for Weddings - A Wedding DJ Near Me

The exclusive DJs from PianoDJ work regularly at some of the best local wedding venues in Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

If you are getting married at one of our preferred local wedding venues then it is possible that you can hire one of our exclusive wedding DJs at a discounted price.

You get everything that is included when you book an exclusive DJ for your wedding - it is just cheaper because we can sometimes take out the cost of hotels and travel from the booking!

Why Do You Sometimes Offer Cheap Wedding DJ Prices at Some Local Venues?

Advertising Cost is Less

Advertising to couples for weddings is really expensive as most people only get married once.

Repeat bookings are not really a thing in the wedding industry and this means that we have to pay to advertise and get in front of new couples every year.

Some of the venues that we have a great relationship with all recommend PianoDJ to their couples and this means that it does not cost us anything to advertise at these venues.

This means that we can sometimes offer a cheaper price because it costs us less money to advertise to you.

DJ for wedding providing a professional disco and saxophone player for first dance at Maidens Barn.

No Accommodation is Required

Depending on the DJs tour schedules, it might not be necessary to book any accommodation for our musicians at some of our local venues.

You might be able to get a cheaper price because if we do not have to pay for hotels.

Wedding disco agency providing professional DJ and saxophone player for Maidens Barn wedding in Essex.

"James who DJ'd in the evening was great! All our songs we requested were incorporated into the playlist along with others of our favourite genres of music and it worked perfectly.

The party went off. I danced all night and I genuinely felt like I was at a rave in my wedding dress. I loved it! You guys are so so good!

Nearly 3 weeks later and my friends are still saying how amazing the music was. We loved every minute of the music played. Thank you all so much.".

[Trudi and James]

PianoDJ - Wedding DJ Price List

STEP 1: Choose Your DJ

Choose between DJ James or one of our 5 exclusive DJs for weddings.

STEP 2: Choose Your Live Musicians

Most couples add on live musicians to their DJ package.

Live Musicians

+ A pianist for the day (30mins as guests arrive, during ceremony, for drinks reception and throughout meal)

+ A saxophonist for 90min set in the evening alongside your DJ

+ A bongo player for 90min set in the evening alongside your DJ

STEP 3: Check Availability

Check the availability of your preferred DJ using an online enquiry form.

A member of the PianoDJ team will get back to your with more information and to confirm prices and availability.

James DJ Price List

£2000 - James to DJ

+£1000 - Phil Sax

+£600 - Exclusive Pianist for ceremony, drinks and meal

+£500 - Handpicked Pianist for ceremony, drinks and meal

+£450 - Bongo Player

The prices above include the musicians, all equipment, travel, accommodation (if required) and VAT.

Note: If you hire James to DJ for your wedding then you will get a world class Void Acoustics Sound System.

Check James DJ Availability

Exclusive DJ Price List

£1500 - Exclusive DJ

+£600 - Exclusive Pianist for ceremony, drinks and meal

+£500 - Handpicked Pianist for ceremony, drinks and meal

+£450 - Bongo Player

+£450 - Sax Player

The prices above include the musicians, all equipment, travel, accommodation (if required) and VAT.

Note: If you hire an Exclusive DJ for your wedding then you will get a Mackie HDA Sound System.

Check Exclusive DJ Availability

DJ for Wedding - Check Availability

To check the availabilty of a DJ for your wedding, click one of the buttons below and fill out the check availability form.

You will get a personal email back from our booking agent to let you know if there is still a DJ available for your wedding.

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Which DJ Would You Like to Book for your Wedding?

James DJ

Exclusive DJ

If there are any issues with the three buttons above or the online check availability forms then please use the contact page to make your enquiry.

"Nothing was too much trouble and the entire PianoDJ team was committed to making it the best possible day for us.

Our DJ for the evening coped admirably with the very long list of suggestions that we gave.

He was given the brief of keeping everyone dancing and he managed that perfectly. Our guests were suitably exhausted by the end of the evening.

In short, I wondered how a company could have such glowing recommendations - and now I know. I would recommend them to anyone.".

[Steve and Martin]

Wedding DJ Reviews

You need to be completely confident that the DJ for your wedding is going to be absolutely brilliant. You want to be super excited about booking them for your wedding and they need to be an incredible musician and extremely experienced.

Here are 20 random testimonials from the 500+ couples that have written a review about the DJ they booked for their wedding.

You can refresh the page to see another 20 reviews or you can visit our testimonials page and read all 500+ reviews.

kirstie barker

My husband and I would like to thank James for his amazing DJ’ing talents. His playlist is just what we wanted. I would highly recommend James for your event, he knows his stuff and keeps a great party going.

Clare Willoughby

Fantastic company! All you need for a wedding in one package! We were able to choose songs we wanted to be played, from the wedding to the disco in the evening. It made our day completely perfect from beginning to end. I can not recommend Piano DJ high enough! Give them a call now!!

Sue Cole

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to the hugely talented James Hughes of for playing the piano during our Wedding Breakfast and then in the evening being DJ for us. James had played for my son Kip and daughter in laws wedding in February 2011, so i knew we could rely on him to do an excellent job ! Graham my new husband and I met James prior to the ceremony and our minds were set at rest as soon as we met him again . We had chosen many pieces of music that we loved and wanted our guests to share. James also added many other popular tunes that everyone knew, his playing was spot on and flowed brilliantly! In the evening James did us a fantastic disco. We were asked prior to the day all our favourite artists and styles of music. We chose our 1st dance 2nd dance and last dance music. Also about 30 other favourites of ours and guests. Being in our 50's and 60's most of the music we requested was 60's and 70's, plus up to date tracks from the like of Olly Murs and Robbie Williams etc. James was a lovely bright and bubbly character and Graham and I will be singing his praises for many years to come ! Thank you James, we know we will see you again very soon, as we are sure all our family and friends will not hesitate in booking you for their special occasion!

Tammie Mason

Thank you to James for doing such a good job at our wedding at gaynes park in May. We were really happy with the playlists. All our songs that we requested prior to our special day were played, along with a range of other genres to ensure all our guests were entertained. Thank you. Tammie and Matt

Nicholas Pettifer

I fully recommend that you use PianoDJ. Excellent set-up, great sound and very good value for money. James was incredibly flexible and helpful with regard to our wishes. He helped integrate our (separately hired) Silent Disco set-up and was very understanding when we missed our playlist deadlines! Hire PianoDJ, you won’t regret it.


Mrs Katrina Jeggo

We used PianoDJ for our evening reception and what a brilliant service we received. The DJ played a really good selection of music for all ages. So many of our wedding guests commented on how good the music was. We had an amazing wedding day and PianoDJ finished the evening off perfectly. We would defiantly recommend them to any of our friends or family.

Keryl Hunt

We had Tim as our pianist and he done a lovely job during our drinks reception and wedding breakfast he played beautifully and everyone commented how lovely the background music from the pianist was. We had Tom as our DJ for the evening and he was absolutely fantastic he played everything that we wanted him too he also played everyones request and he was brilliant with the kids everyone commented how good he was and said how a DJ could make or break a party and Tom deffinately made it. My daughter was asking him for frozen before the evening reception had even started and frozen was what she got and he even gave her the microphone to sing along he went above and beyond to make our evening a great night. Thank you.

Karen & Andrew Ricks

We would like to say a very big thank you to both Nina and James for helping to make our wedding day such a success.
The piano music really helped to create atmosphere and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the pieces played. Thank you, Nina, for meeting our requests and playing them so beautifully.
The disco music was also fantastic and kept the dance floor going all night. Thank you, James, for being so receptive to requests on the night, for keeping us dancing "all night long" and, of course, for helping reunite "Affection"!!
We had a truly amazing day and we think we made the best choice in hiring you and will definitely recommend you.
Thank you again,
Karen & Andy

Linda & Jonathan McLoughlin

The wedding plans took roughly 16 months to put into place then the BIG day!. at that point you’ve done your bit of the planning, its down to everyone else to perform and in the team from PianoDJ then we had easay arrangements to book, good communication throughout choosing songs, set up timings etc and on the day great music (some of our choice), a classy stage set to match such a beautiful old country house wedding venue and a DJ who couldn’t have been more helpful & involved in our day and make it all a thrilling success. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PianoDJ. Thank you!

Helen & Stephen Hicks

We booked the drum and piano duo during the drinks and canapes. This was brilliant and loads of the guests commented that they loved the funky music. James and Tim tailored this to our request of some old classics and newer indie numbers which had had everyone in a great mood.

Tim played the piano whilst we ate which set a lovely mood. It did not feel intrusive and was perfect background music.

We also had the disco which again was tailored to our taste in music. James made every effort to really help us out by taking any stress out of the day music wise, guiding us as to the best time for the first dance etc.
The set-up was seamless and seemed to happen without us even realising!
Talking to other friends who are planning their weddings, we got all of the above at a great price too!

A big thank-you to James and Tim for being so professional, helpful and making our special day just perfect!! xx

Liz and Jason Golding

We hired James to play the piano and Dj at our wedding and he was absolutely outstanding!!
We are so happy with the service provided and all of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed the evening. I would highly recommend James and Carolyn in the future to others!!
Thank you x

Gemma Green (nee Smith)

Thank you Nina, for our beautiful wedding piano music, you are solely responsible for me crying as I stepped outside, the music added so much emotion to our ceremony.
Nina played my 4 chosen pieces so beautifully, and even added a last minute choice for our balloon release.
Will, our DJ, you were amazing, the same friendly, professional manner that I had seen in James, I could not have been happier with the music you played, and as I’m sure you saw from the dancefloor, the remixes you played were so well received! I’ve never had so much fun dancing, and was thrilled to see all my guests enjoyed it so much too.
All round fantastic service, and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family xx

Laura Fisk

James, what more can I say? The DJ he maketh the Party! I asked you to keep ’em dancing and that is exactly what you did the whole night. Thank you for your excellent music selection for our 50th Birthday Party, it was truly impressive. I have myself recieved many compliments from my guests andI would not hesitate to recomend you time & time again for any occasion.

Helen & Russell Smith

Thanks James for such an amazing evening! Your music selection is first class and I wouldn’t hesitate in having you for another event! The lighting and UV cannons were excellent too! A1* for all your efforts…may all your future clients enjoy you as much as we did. Helen and Russ x

Claire Carter

Thank you to the Piano DJ company and a personal thank you to Will. We had the most amazing day and the music played allowed everyone to relax and have fun, even my grandparents couldn’t stop dancing!

We have already had people saying they are going to book you for their weddings.

Thank you again from Claire and Tim Carter

Rowena White

Excellent music, very professional DJ and pianist. Our guests loved it and thank you for your music choices as there was something for everyone.

Amy Davis

We absolutely have to thank PianoDJ for the amazing job they did at our wedding a couple of weeks ago. The whole team were so helpful and efficient right the way through the process, from booking and selecting music to the organsiation and seamless running of the day. We gave Tim quite an extensive list of music for the piano and he worked so hard on the day covering all the music beautifully. I have had so many compliments from family and friends about the quality of the music and what a nice guy he was to talk to. In the evening the dance floor was always full and I had so many people asking me where I found the DJ! James was so friendly and reassuring on the day (especially for a couple who were dreading the first dance!!). He worked hard to include all the music we asked for and understood our tastes perfectly. He is really approachable and some guests were able to put in requests on the night. The set up of the DJ area was taseful and suited the style of the wedding perfectly. As I have said there have been endless compliments about both elements of the music provided and I would not hesitate at all to recommend PianoDJ to anyone. Our day could not have gone better and PianoDJ were a big contributer to making it perfect for us and our guests. Thank you Amy and Jack Davis

Cheryl and Daniel Hurst

We loved the whole day. It would not have been special if we didnt have good music. I am so glad that I booked Piano DJ was a great music package and all our guests thought the music was amazing from start to finish. If anyone reads this book panio DJ you wont be disappointed. Thanks again James x

Sean & Nicola Wesley

We had the pleasure of having James from PianoDJ at our wedding.
We had given James a list of songs that we liked and he was more than happy to play those songs and add his own in.
Having him playing during our reception drinks really made the occasion and people were very impressed with his playing.
James made a special point of coming to see us after he had finished to make sure everything had been ok which was very nice of him.
I would highly recommend the PianoDJ company as they made things easy from start to finish and really made the wedding feel extra special.

Murat & Kerry Tunçdemir

Piano DJ came to our wedding and it was amazing! With guests being a mixture of friends and family there was a mix if ages at the wedding so Will gave a wide variety of music that everyone could enjoy. He was also getting into the festivities and dancing along behind the decs its was great fun. I gave a list of what sort of music I wanted and it all got played! We also had a band at wedding and obviously communication was key as to who plays when and there was no problem with this, everything tan smoothly. The music was good the lighting was awesome and everyone had a great time! Thank you so much for providing a great party at our wedding!

Wedding DJ agency trusted to provide the professional disco for all weddings at Maidens Barn wedding venue in Essex.

Wedding DJ agency at Maidens Barn in Essex providing a professional disco.

"James our DJ was brilliant. The playlist was perfectly pitched and the dance floor was filled all night with songs for everyone.

We even had a 15minute blast of our favourite songs as teenagers to get our friends moshing about the dance floor.

James took the time to chat to us and express his enthusiasm for our set lists, which really gave the whole experience a personal touch.

We are still getting compliments on how well the day went. Thank you so much!!!".

[Rebecca and David]

Wedding DJ FAQ

Have you got any questions that you want to ask about hiring a DJ for your wedding before your book?

Here are some of the most commonly asked in a DJs for Weddings FAQ.

DJ for Wedding - Questions

Are you Deciding between a Wedding DJ or Band? How about booking a Wedding DJ and Band?

If you are trying to make the difficult decision between a DJ for your wedding or a live band then you are probably weighing up some of the following options.

Wedding DJs are not very interactive (it is a person with headphones standing behind some decks) whereas a live band is so exciting, engaging, dynamic and exciting to watch.

A live band can play a range of music that was written for instruments/bands but will struggle to play more recent music such as house, RnB, grime, hip hop, etc. In comparison, a DJ can play any song every written.

DJs for weddings can respond instantly to guests dancing and react with music that will keep them on the dance floor. A live band will have a set list of songs that they will have prepared in advance and they cannot react to the dancers. This means that sometimes the best bands with the most incredible musicians will play to an empty dance floor because the people they had in mind to dance when they prepared their set are not up for dancing.

Live bands tend to be more memorable and when you think back through weddings that you have been to, it tends to be the ones with live musicians that stand out as being better parties and more fun.

A GOOD SOLUTION - Book a Wedding DJ and Band

If you have a very healthy budget for your wedding then you could consider booking a wedding disco and band to work alongside each other for your wedding.

The live band and DJ can alternate sets and this way you get a good mix of music and energy and you will be likely to have a great night.

A downside to this is likely to be the cost as a good DJ and a good live band are likely to run up the entertainment prices into the ££££'s.'

AN EVEN BETTER SOLUTION - Book a DJ with Live Musicians

If you want to combine live music and a DJ and want to keep the budget sensible then you can hire a DJ with live saxophone and bongo players for the same price as a good live wedding band.

Check out some videos from weddings of the DJ with Saxophone and Bongo Players.

The way this works is the DJ starts the night, playing a warm up set, playing your first dance and then working hard to adapt to the guests and tempt as many people onto the dance floor as possible.

At some point in the evening (9pmish) you are likely to have some evening food - a buffet / BBQ / hog roast / pizza oven / cheeseboard. During this time, your guests WILL take a moment out from dancing to eat the amazing food that you have provided.

After the food has been served, we recommend bringing on the saxophone and bongo player to join your DJ. This way you get a DJ for your wedding and band at the same time.

The DJ works in the same way as usual, hand picking each song to get as many people dancing as possible and the saxophone player and bongo player improvise over the top of the DJ, adding the excitement of live music into the mix.

The extra live element adds impact and will get guests up and dancing again after the food, it is something really exciting that you can look forward to and having two confident musicians out on the dance floor will add so much energy to the party.

Adding a live saxophone and bongo player to the DJ set is the number 1 way to get more guests dancing at a wedding and it solves the problem of wedding DJ or live band. You can have both a wedding DJ and live band.

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How Much Does a Good Wedding DJ Cost?

This is a guide to give you an idea of how much different types of DJs for weddings cost.

It will help you understand why some DJs cost only £150 and other DJs cost over £2000.

= = =

Just so you know...

PianoDJ offer DJs for weddings with prices starting at only £870.

You can view the full PianoDJ DJ price list online by clicking the link below.

DJs for Weddings Price List

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How Much is a Good Wedding DJ?

If you are wondering, "How much does a good wedding DJ cost?", then you have probably started to do your research and are currently putting together your shortlist of potential DJs for weddings.

To help you work out what does a good wedding DJ cost, you first need to work out what a good wedding disco means to you.

Top Tip: A local wedding DJ could be a cheaper option as you have to pay less for travel and accommodation. PianoDJ offer cheaper wedding DJ essex prices and wedding DJ Hertfordshire prices.

Wedding DJ Cost - Online Guide

Cheap DJ

Usually a part-time hobbyist, but very cost effective if you are on a tight budget.

£150 - £400

= = =

Average DJ with Basic Equipment

This is your typical wedding disco - somebody who plays music at weddings.

Most couples in the UK hire a DJ in this price range.

£400 - £600

= = =

Average DJ with Good Equipment

The additional cost reflects better equipment (speakers/lighting).

£600 - £800

= = =

Good Wedding DJ with Basic Equipment

This is a skilled DJ who can mix and has lots of experience DJing for weddings.

They will usually be recommended and trusted by a selection of local venues and are the DJs that you should book if you want a good party.

£800 - £1000

= = =

Good Wedding DJ with Good Equipment

The additional cost reflects better equipment (speakers/lighting).

£1000 - £1500

= = =

Incredible DJ with Basic Equipment

This is a DJ who has specialised in a handful of genres and can deliver an exceptional set that will blow you away.

If you are a true fan of a style of music (house / garage / metal / DnB) and want a non-cheesy wedding disco then this could be for you.

The cost is higher because you are paying for something quite rare and exciting...

...a multi format DJ with lots of experience of weddings who has reached the same skill as a high level club DJ.

£1500 - £1700

= = =

Incredible DJ wth Good Equipment

The additional cost reflects better equipment (speakers/lighting).

£1700 - £2000

= = =

Celebrity DJ for Wedding

High profile celebrity / superstar DJs are expensive.

The cost depends on their current popularity and their demand for performances.

Not all celebrity DJs will perform at weddings, but most will offer a 45min - 2 hour set if the price is right.

It is likely that you will also need to book another DJ for your wedding to play for the rest of the night and to provide the equipment for the celebrity DJ.

£2500 - £250,000

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Wedding DJ agency Essex. First dance, cake cutting and professional disco at Blake Hall wedding venue.

Wedding disco in Essex. Dancing and fun good professional wedding disco at Blake Hall.

"As soon as the first dance was over, it really kicked off. Classic, after classic, after classic all night long

We're not normally ones to stay on the dance floor, but my goodness we didn't want to leave!

We have a taste for jungle, dancehall, D'n'B and rock songs and even those who don't normally like those genres danced their socks off because the mixes were so buzzing.

We had comments a couple of days later that friends' bodies were still aching after all of the dancing they did at our wedding"

[Katie and Paul]

Wedding DJ Agency

If you are looking to hire a good DJ for wedding then PianoDJ could be the wedding DJ agency that you have been searching for.