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What is a Wedding Piano Remix?

A wedding piano remix is a version of a song specifically designed to played at a wedding. Not all songs are written to be played on a piano without vocal so they need to be reworked to played on a piano. Our wedding piano remixes have had nearly 3 million views on YouTube.

Story behind our Wedding Piano Remixes


Chosing a wedding pianist is a tough job. Not all pianists are created equally. Some are very cheap and some cost a little bit more. Here at PianoDJ we love playing piano music for people who love music like we do. To show you how much we love music and why you should choose us to play at your wedding we create piano videos to showcase our pianists’ talent.

The grand piano shown in the videos is one that we hire out and take to wedding

We also have over 300 audio piano music recordings

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If you play the piano then the piano sheet music that our pianists use is available online.

Our most recent Wedding Piano Remixes

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