Saxophone, Bongos and DJ Live Set for Weddings

DJ and Saxophone Wedding

With the bongos, DJ and saxophone wedding live package you have the option of choosing a sax player that can play saxophone house music for your wedding or a more all-round saxophonist who can play a wider range of family friendly music.

Saxophone House Music

The top DJ and saxophone wedding act in the UK is James DJ and Phil Sax who are the UK’s most exciting saxophone and DJ duo available for weddings.

Alongside their wedding DJ and saxophone work, James and Phil have a weekly residency in Ibiza every Wednesday as the headline act for the exciting CIXADA sunset party at Bay Bar in San Antonio.

Enjoy this video of James and Phil playing DJ and saxophone house music at the stunning Hacienda Na Xamena wedding venue in Ibiza.

23 Top Saxophone Songs – The Best Saxophone Dance Music for Weddings

PianoDJ represent the best wedding sax players in the UK and the video below has the top 23 saxophone songs for clubs and wedding.

Looking for the best saxophone songs? Watch the video below to find out the 23 top saxophone dance music songs that are being played at weddings around the world.

Enjoy big saxophone house music anthems with awesome saxophone solos like Jubel (Save Me), Man With The Red Face and We’re Gonna Dance to Urban hits with famous saxophone riffs.


1) Get RightJennifer Lopez
2) Talk DirtyJason Derulo
3) ProblemAriana Grande
4) Alors on DanseStromae
5) Baker StreetBassmonkeys Club Mix
6) Sun Goes DownRobin Schulz
7) ChangesFaul + Wad Ad vs Pnau
8) Man With The Red Face (Rene Amesz Remix)Mark Knight & Funkagenda
9) All I NeedEhrling
10) SonnentanzKlangkarussell
11) This GirlCookin’ On 3 Burners and Kungs
12) ZonnestraalDe Hofnar
13) One DayBakermat
14) Destination CalabriaAlex Gaudino ft Crystal Waters
15) IntoxicatedGTA and Martin Solveig
16) JubelKlingande
17) Piece Of Your HeartMeduza
18) We’re Gonna DanceBadcat
19) Firestone (KREAM Remix)Kygo
20) Mr. SaxobeatAlexandra Stan
21) Push The Feeling OnNightcrawlers Vs. DJ S.K.T
22) Praise YouGamper and Dadoni
23) Something NewFaul

DJ and Saxophone Wedding – Mix of Music

Often, even big saxophone house music fans will want a mix of music for their wedding day so that there is a range of music that will appeal to all of their guests.

This saxophone, DJ and bongo video shows a more family-friendly range of music and you can see just how much fun everyone has when you hire a saxophonist and bongo player to join your DJ.

Saxophone Chill House Music – Chilled Sax House for Drinks Receptions

You can hire a saxophone player to play chilled saxophone house music for the drinks reception at your wedding.

This is a really great way of bringing the sunny saxophone chill poolside vibes of Ibiza to your wedding reception.

Some couples choose just to book a wedding saxophone player for their drinks reception and other couples book the sax player to stay for their evening party as well.

This is a cool trick to get extra live saxophone music at your wedding, for not much extra money!

Wedding Saxophonist and DJ – Sound Limiter

If your wedding venue has a sound limiter then you will need to think very carefully about your evening entertainment and whether or not a wedding saxophonist and DJ will work.

Can You Hire a Wedding Sax Player and DJ if Your Venue Has a Sound Limiter?

One of the cool things about booking your wedding DJ with saxophone from PianoDJ is that all of our DJs have a special digital mixing desk that can be set to work with almost every sound limiter.

The DJ & sax player both run their sound through this mixer and the total output volume can be limited and the EQ can be rolled off to give you maximum volume on the dance floor, but minimum reaction with the sound limiter.

It is because of this flexibility that DJ saxophone and bongo acts are now overtaking and replacing live bands.

You will still need a really music and sympathetic wedding saxophonist to keep an eye on the sound limiter, your bongo player will need to play using their hands (not any sticks) and your wedding DJ will need to be in control of the overall mix.

To see how this works having a DJ and saxophone player for hire working together with a sound limiter set to 85db then check out the video below of James and Phil in action at Blackwell Grange.

Saxophone Dance Music

Over recent years, saxophone dance music has taken the electronic music scene by storm with some of the biggest floor fillers featuring a combination of DJ & sax.

One Day Saxophone DJ Song

The biggest saxophone DJ song is definitely a track called Jubel by Klingande.

This track features an incredible saxophone solo and is often known as the One Day saxophone song because of the famous lyric in the track.

Saxophone Wedding Songs – Saxophone House Song Playlist

To give you a feel for the saxophone house songs that tend to work really well at weddings, we have put together a spotify playlist of the best saxophone wedding songs.

These are the top DJ saxophone dance music and deep house saxophone tracks that you will normally hear a DJ & sax play at weddings.

Bongos, Saxophone and DJ Live Set – Where Did The Idea Come From?

The idea for the bongos, saxophone and DJ live set came from Ibiza.

James (owner of PianoDJ) plays live bongos in Ibiza under the name of BadCat and has first hand experience of seeing how many more people dance to music when there are live musicians.

Check out this video of James performing at the legendary Bora Bora beach bar in Ibiza.

Saxophone, Bongos and DJ Live Set at Weddings

Inspired by the incredible music scene in Ibiza, James brought the idea back to the UK and PianoDJ now offer a live bongo player and sax player with their DJ sets.

If you want an incredible party then it is a sure fire way to guarantee that you will have the best night of your life.

Ibiza DJ, Saxophone and Bongo Player with Super Club Sound System and Dance Festival Lighting Rig.

NEW FOR 2017: Super Club Sound System and Dance Festival Lighting Rig

It is now possible to enhance the DJ, saxophone and bongo player experience with an incredible sound system and lighting rig.

If your venue offers the flexibility needed for a massive party then you can enhance the DJ, saxophone and bongo experience even further with a gigantic sound system and mind blowing lighting. Your guests will never have been to such an incredible party before!

The video below features one of our Ibiza DJs with a sax and bongo player for an Ibiza 90s house party with the super club sound system and dance festival lighting rig. The video was taken on a phone by the event photographer

Get in touch for more information about this incredible package.

Saxophone and DJ and Bongos for House Music Fans

If you are a fan of house music and want to relive your Ibiza days and have your favourite tracks played live by a wedding DJ with saxophone and bongos then this is exactly what you have been looking for.

Your DJ will mix in Ibiza classics and your saxophone and bongo player will play over the top adding so much energy to the night that you will end up raving alongside your whole family.

Wedding Sax and DJ and Bongos with UV Dancers

Wedding sax and DJ and bongos cover the music for your evening entertainment, but have you thought about adding any additional acts to create an incredible party atmosphere?

If the dance floor room at your wedding venue can be made nice and dark (this won’t work in the summer in a glass orangery) then you can hire UV dancers to join your sax and DJ and bongo player.

The UV dancers perform in rotation throughout the evening and the overall effect is Cirque du Soleil meets Cyberdog.

The video below is phone footage taken by a guest at a recent Christmas themed wedding and shows James DJ working with a saxophone player, bongo player and two UV dancers.

Saxophone and DJ Live Set for Weddings

Hire a saxophone player to join your wedding DJ for the ultimate live sax and DJ set.

Your wedding DJ and sax player will work together to whip your guests into a frenzy in the ultimate live DJ set experience

Live saxophone music is a huge hit in all the biggest clubs in Ibiza and now you can have the live sax and DJ experience at your wedding.

Bongo and DJ Live Set for Weddings

Hire a bongo player to join your wedding DJ and inject super catchy rhythms into the music.

Your live bongo player will use traditional bongos and will add funky grooves and latin american rhythms over the top of the music that your DJ is playing to make live bongo remixes that make more people dance!

Live percussion and bongo players are really popular at weddings and in clubs around the world and we have a small team of the hottest bongo players working with DJs in the UK and Ibiza right now.

Live Sax and Bongo Music Adds Energy to the Dance Floor

Your saxophone player and percussionist will play the sax and bongos on the dance floor and will dance with your guests as they play to bring the maximum energy to the music.

Will the Sax and Bongo Players Get Involved?

The job of the saxophone and bongo player is to get as many of you and your friends dancing as possible. The sax and bongo players are musicians of the people and will get right into the middle of the crowd and showcase their skills.

This means that you get to experience amazing saxophone solos and high paced bongo drumming up close and it will leave you with lasting memories.

Saxophone and DJ Set for Weddings – Testimonial

Check out this real life video testimonial from a couple who booked our live saxophone and DJ set for their wedding.

DJ and Saxophone and Bongo Live Set – What is Included?

Your very own sax player and bongo player will join your wedding DJ for a 90 minute set during your evening reception.

We recommend that your sax player and bongo player starts about half an hour after your evening buffet/bbq/food is served. This will give your guests the time they need to eat and the live sax and bongo players will get everybody back onto the dance floor.

How Long do the Saxophone and Bongo Player Play For?

Your saxophone player and percussionist play for a 90min set and this is usually spread over 2 hours. The bongo player and saxophonist alternate taking short breaks so that there is always one musician playing.

Some tracks work really well with the saxophone and some work really well with the bongos so it is nice to have the variety and the musicians adapt and react to the music on the night.

What Styles of Music Work Best for Live Saxophone and Bongos?

Live saxophone music and bongo rhythms works really well over the top of almost any style of music, but the most successful genres are: house, dance, garage, disco and funk.

What Other Styles of Music can a Live Sax and Bongo Player Perform?

One of the great things about our live sax and bongo players is that they all come from a jazz background. This means that they can improvise over any music and it gives the DJ the freedom to read the crowd and play the music that is going to get the most people dancing.

Saxophone and Wedding DJ and bongo players can perform soulful UK Garage renditions that bring the ultimate Kisstory-style experience to your wedding.

If you like chart and pop music then your sax player, bongo player and DJ can play really cool versions of your favourite chart and pop songs.

Sax and bongo players can play 80s classics like Club Tropicana.

Saxophone players and DJ and bongo percussion players work really well with 90s-throwback Hip Hop and RnB sets. Think reliving Uni days with your mates.

Saxophone and bongo players can also play older music like funk, motown and rock and roll – whatever works for your family and friends.

Will the Saxophone Player and Bongo Player Play Your Requests?

There is nothing cooler than dancing to your favourite music on your wedding day and your sax and bongo player will play any requests that are important to you.

Live Saxophone Music is Cheaper than a Live Band

If you love live music then this is the cheapest and most fun of combining a live musician with your evening DJ set.

It is cheaper to hire a sax player for your wedding than it is to hire a whole live band…and it is so much more interactive and dynamic.

Saxophonist and Percussionist Provide Surround Sound Experience

A traditional live band is very static and positioned in one area of the room (a bit like a DJ). With the live bongos and sax player, the musicians can play all around the room and provide a unique, immersive, surround sound experience.

Saxophone House Music and DJ Live Set

If you are a big fan of house music with saxophone parts then your live sax player can really showboat and play amazing solos, work the crowd and play all of the famous sax riffs.

Your sax player and DJ will work together to build up the energy in the room so that when the drop lands, your guests will be screaming and dancing with excitement.