Winter Wedding Theme

If you decide to get married during the colder months, then this gives you the perfect opportunity to choose a winter wedding theme for your day. There are various ways to bring this look to life, but one of the most effective would be to use a neutral colour pallet of white, ivory and cream to really bring the outside wintry elements in. The result of using these colours as a base will give you two options from which to build on.

The first allows you to bring together a more simple but classic look using a main element such as beautiful flower arrangements, to be the focal point of the décor. Consider using flowers such as roses, lilies or tulips, which all come in white and cream shades, for your wedding flowers to create a fresh and clean look. Combine them with glass vases or candle holders to keep the colours to a minimum and make the most of the ice clear finish that these tones will give.

The second is to then incorporate other winter colours, such as silver, gold or jewel tones, for instance berry reds, plumb and dark blues to bring more vibrancy to the décor. This will work well if you feel that you would like your winter theme to have a more dramatic edge. You can add this through your flowers, bridesmaid dresses, table linens or through what you choose to display as your centrepieces.

Another simple but effective tool would be to include tree branches which could be sprayed white, dusted with sparkle or alternatively used to wrap strings of fairy lights around or hang tea light holders from. Arrange them around focal point areas such as where you are displaying your table plan or card table or for more drama suspend from the ceiling. You could also use branches in your wedding stationery which would suit a winter theme perfectly.

Sparkle is a very popular addition to a winter wedding theme and can be incorporated into your day in a number of ways such as using strands of crystals draped over your tables or in glass jars. You could also think of using sparkly chair covers, table runners or adding sparkle to your wedding cake. Soft lighting will also add to the almost fairy tale feel of this stunning theme.


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